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ASN/ Oric France
Marc Rolin
TYPE : Maze game
CATEGORY : Platform
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : No tranfer errors detected.
No manual ?
Nothing on inlay_b for both.

Two versions here: an early one by ASN, a later one by Micro-Programmes 5 (called "Esquives" on tape and inlay, but not on loading nor on title screen).!
Oviously the owner of the ASN tape drew on the inlay !

ASN version seems to run properly only on Oric-1.
The Micro-Programmes 5 version has much more options and runs fine on both Oric-1 and Atmos.

Thanks to Jean B. and Markerror for the Micro-Programmes 5 version (tape and scans).

(Downloads Since 13/03/2003 : 52 )

(Downloads Since 13/03/2003 : 45 )
Owners on (original) : warzad , musepat31 , philou

OLD-COMPUTERS17:11 11-November-2010
I remember seeing this game in french magazines. I did want to play it. Now that I can, I'm not sure I will ever play it again... But at the time, the idea was clever and was not complicated to program.

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