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Addictive Games
TYPE : Footy Management
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
Owners on (original) : Rob Cook , Rob Cook , HH , HH , chris , Cristian , oxmikeinmi , baz67 , baz67 , Badger
BAZ6718:03 17-March-2014
Addictive by name and addictive by nature. As the guys here all comment, it's such a superb early strategy game (I had the original on the ZX81 - no 3d graphics and just 4-6 teams per division!) The great sense of nostalgia - seeing the old player's names such as B ROBSON, P NEAL and P SHILTON etc! They truly don't make them like this anymore... fabulous sim.
ROB COOK01:05 11-May-2005
Any news on getting this up for download?
HAKAN_K11:01 01-January-2005
Although the graphics is not impressive, the game is one of the best Oric strategy game. It took hours to play and it was great to win the FA-cup.
THESPIDER16:10 02-October-2004
This game is a classic - such a pity it is not available for download. Just checked, and I have it. Shall email it to Jede. Like the other commentators, I too played this first on the Spectrum and spent MANY hours playing it. Whatever happened to that kind of gameplay??? HH - you are so right, a game like this definately needs speeded up on Euphoric. Another prime example is Oric Trek.
LOTHLIN11:02 08-February-2003
This was one of the first home computer games I ever saw - on a friends Spectrum. The Oric version is almost identical. Watching the little stick men trying to score goals could be funny for a while. The graphics and sound score low, but they were never the important part of this game. Managing your team, buying and selling players, winning trophies, promotion, relegation, bankruptcy - it is all here! Hours of fun. Don't forget to buy some cheap players at the end of each season - they usually have improved by the beginning of the next season!
SYMOON14:11 05-November-2002
I had some good time with this game. It's a little bit slow, but managing your team is a real pleasure. The only thing I didn't like is that your players skill randomly changes at every new season, some suddenly become bad or good. There are not much game of this type for Oric, and this one is a good one !
HH21:10 08-October-2002
I first played this game on the Spectrum and I liked the gameplay very much. When the game finally came to the Oric, I of course had to play it again. Though the music, graphic and the speed is not at it's very best in the gameplay, it is still very funny to play. And playing it on Euphoric and speeding time up, it still has a special place in my heart to take my team (Aston Villa) to position nr. 1 in Division nr. 1.

Rob Cook1143

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