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Luc-Edouard Thibaud
TYPE : Flight / Arcade
RELEASE DATE : January 1985
PLATFORM :      
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : No transfer errors
No manual
Nothing on inlay_b
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LAURENTD7501:02 29-February-2020
One of the most stunning and original games ever on the Oric! Amazing colour graphics, incredible speed & full-screen animation, responsive controls, almost perfect! The only average aspect is sound, as most sound effects are really basic, *except* the sound of the wind on the airframe that is *really* good! One of my top 10 Oric games, really a fond memory!
YOOM50FR01:06 01-June-2017
J'ai adoré ce jeu a l'époque, impression de vitesse, je détestais les araignées. Je crois aussi que c'est le dernier jeu que j'ai acheté sur Atmos.
KALGAR17:11 24-November-2010
Excellent jeu d'avion !
WASKOL15:11 08-November-2007
3D is good But the interest is lost after a few time of play.
ZOETROPE14:08 31-August-2006
Ce jeux etait vraiment delirant pour l'époque ... Presque de la 3D ...
YOOM00:04 06-April-2006
Je crois bien que c'était le dernier logiciel de jeu que j'avais acheté pour mon atmos, j'avais adoré ce jeu, je le trouvais génial, on avait une impression de vitesse, c'était presque un simulateur de vol version arcade, bref c'était que du bonheur ce jeu
ALRIC19:12 22-December-2005
It was one of my firts game on Oric Atmos !!!
MAXIMUS01:04 25-April-2004
yes 3D movement seems incredible with an ORIC (Bravo) but after a while the slalom is boring graphics 5 but interest very low
LOTHLIN19:09 27-September-2003
This is a really good game, especially when you have worked out what you have to do! It's really weird, a sort of driving game in the air. You have to fly between flags for points, fly over certain things for more points, avoid rocks and rhino's and if you find a hole in the ground, fly over it to fly into a cavern! The movement is really good, with excellent graphics. Sound is adequate but unspectacular. The plane is really easy to fly, except when you get overexcited and lose control! The game is also full of nice touches (like when you die, a little ghost plane floats up to heaven!). If you have not played this, then you should!
SYMOON00:03 15-March-2003
The 3D animation deserves a 5 ! Sound is weak but it's not a problem for that kind of game. Flying in the desert, in the caves (!) or in the plains is a real pleasure. Some might find it boring, I don't. Excellent game.
_DBUG_15:12 12-December-2002
A very good illusion of 3D movement, quite nice graphics (how did they manage to store so much huge sprites in memory ?), and a game principle that is interesting. A good loriciels game, as usual.


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