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Alain Faraut
TYPE : Strategy
RELEASE DATE : March 1984
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : This is the 2nd program of "L'aventure sur Oric", Hebdogiciel Software's Oric tape #4.
No transfer errors.

Michel DESANGLES, that worked at "Hebdogiciel", seems to have worked on the programs to make them Oric-1 and Atmos compatible.
Unlike the usual Hebogiciel tapes, those programs were NOT published in the Hebdogiciel magazine.

Thanks to André C. and Jean B. for the tape.
For the complete stuff (tape and doc scans, ...) follow the "see also" link.
SEE ALSO : L'Aventure sur Oric (cassette n 4)
Owners on (original) : val , val , atmosaurus , Tuxosaurus , unlockerpt
IBISUM21:05 17-May-2018
A delightfully cheery little game, with intriguing story-telling and a decent plot generation system. All the while, the graphics are amusing and intriguing, really a brilliant bit of 8-bit artistry to boot. A pretty decent reason to brush up on ones French, also!
LAURENTD7504:05 15-May-2018
Un superbe jeu excellement réalisé, bien supérieur à beaucoup de productions commerciales de l'époque !! Vraiment original et bien fait, bonne conception graphique "fenêtrée" (très en avance sur son temps!!!), et extrêmement agréable à jouer et prenant ! Je viens ENFIN de le retrouver après 30 ans car j'en avais cvomplètement oublié le titre, mais je me souvenais des graphismes de la carte (marais, jungle, montagnes, etc ..) !!!
SYMOON10:05 06-May-2017
Just replaced the TAP file, which had error transfers, with a new one.
VAL19:01 06-January-2005
Trop fun ce jeu, j'ai pu y passer des heures! Les petites animations et les tuiles, plus les decors grandioses...un regal! C'etait dans la compilation "aventure" de chez hebdo, avec la quete des anneaux qui etait un peu similaire.
SYMOON21:08 28-August-2003
This is a nice little game. Easy to play, rather addictive, and nicely designed - I like the idea of the animated window.


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