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Louis Marie Rocques
TYPE : Adventure
RELEASE DATE : March 1984
CATEGORY : Adventure
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Nothing on inlay_b
No Manual

Works with Orix and Basic1.1 2023.1

Joysticks works on Twilighte board
SEE ALSO : El Aguila De Oro
Owners on (original) : jede , val , val , fae , gogo testeur , centillion , 6502man , rhandal , ifalna , sorrindo , kerampont , atmosaurus , d2d2 , zitu , alex , PatTheFrog , olelia , tresco , someone173 , phildevizille , vasektomior , arthmg , Kbotch , bookaro , newbiel , dave3622 , iceman , lartigot , LOLO , dude2000 , rjoaquim , philou , gdafd , maelle , clint , nono , billsat , kemilev , yupi1 , iranon , Marko , seb , LMM , olivierdenantes , xvassor , Tuxosaurus , remi.souchon , momo42 , lgenre , assinie , HH , Hialmar , froggy , Godzil , musepat31 , Xavier28 , gmolinari , laurentd75 , xyphoes , cyber_tech , djoulz , Brenthis , Remy13 , karlmg , pferron , Fk , sebmuseum , cbruno , Jylam , dut , juanito , duden , Baerdiel , KailoKyra , Muso , arno29 , JihemB , rom , Kanger
LAURENTD7503:09 09-September-2015
Tout simplement LE jeu d'aventure en "3D" sur Oric, premier du genre et inégalé... Véritable innovation et prouesse technique à l'époque, l'un des 5 jeux essentiels qui ont défini l'Oric...
HH13:05 30-May-2015
I found the intro to be great at that time, but the gameplay was slow, so I didn't play it very much!
STAR4221:08 31-August-2010
un hit
STAR4221:08 31-August-2010
un hit
PHILOU19:05 31-May-2009
Des heures de bonheur
SYMOON12:03 01-March-2008
Many other games are more interesting on Oric IMO. But it was a wonderful game for the time, a true classic back in the 80's.
WAROX13:02 11-February-2006
An interesting adventure game in the high screen resolution. But what's a slowly game, even it's written in assembly language, the sprite (with no mask) is really slow
MIKA01:01 17-January-2006
The best game I had ever played on my Oric Atmos when I was pre-teenager. It was a quite well thinked game with colored high resolution graphics. For the Oric Atmos, as I can remember, it was really great ... Enjoyed by the game ... My best bought for the Oric Atmos
VAL14:01 21-January-2005
Great game, with impressive graphics and sound effects for the time. Despite being programmed in machine code, it was still too slow, which actually was good to complete the game as it required good synchronisation. The german clues were a good idea and are still as good as code to me =) I still ought to finish it, but it will have to be on my new atmos as soon as i have repaired it, not on an emulator! The controls can seem ridiculous today, but at the time that was such a wealth of options in the same game! To me this was the real ancestor of prince of persia.
HAKAN_K12:10 04-October-2004
This is great game. Played it very much even though I did not know a word french.
MAXIMUS00:03 29-March-2004
Ce jeu français mérite un 5 étoiles, un tel graphisme sur 48K c'est exceptionnel , un véritable scénario , un jeu unique d'ailleurs adapté ensuite sur amstrad cocorico
_DBUG_11:08 19-August-2003
Note: It would be nice to get the intro picture with the _real_ colors. The game itself was quite nice, even if a bit slow, and I taked quite some time drawing maps, locating traps, deciding if I need a rope, or some other items...
CMPI22:06 18-June-2003
Well, I still remember the day my father came at home with this game ... whooow really kicked my ass when i saw it. As i can remember it was the 1st game on Oric with pseudo 3d gfx... Great great great ... The only bad thing (in my point of view) was that the character was tooo slow ...
LOTHLIN20:12 10-December-2002
I found this to be an enjoyable graphics based adventure game. The graphics are quite nice for the time the game was written, although they could have been improved (the player's character passes over the background in an ugly way) and they appear a little dated today. The game is a little slow - tip: upgrade your Oric to 2MHz using Euphoric ;-) but there is plenty to explore and problems to overcome.
MERVINELUS09:08 03-August-2002
THE game who made you proud to own an ORIC !
JEDE22:08 01-August-2002
Great game, but it's really slow. I don't know why they did not do a mask for that. It was for me the game with the greatest gfx, but now some new games are better

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