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Rita Jay
TYPE : Arcade/ Robotron
PLATFORM :      
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : The French version was translated by Prism (manual AND game).

UK version: recorded at slow speed, once on each side.

The game can be played with keyboard, but also the PASE joystick interface, with one or two joysticks. See the inlay for instructions.
Owners on (original) : Lothlin , Lothlin , Lothlin , Lothlin , DaveD , dave3622 , unlockerpt , KailoKyra , tgrimwood

IBISUM19:04 03-April-2022
A fun little game that is monotonous after a while, but still quite performant .. I agree that it could be a bit 'heftier' for the Atmos 48k crew .. perhaps a future project for a budding hacker ..
SYMOON21:03 26-March-2022
There was a bug in the UK transfer, now fixed. Also, both French and UK links were leading to the UK version (both files having the same name), so I renamed and re-uploaded each version.
KENNETH17:01 29-January-2022
Sympa, en plus le tir est orientable avec le joystick PASE.
SYMOON14:04 02-April-2005
I find this game rather addictive, and impressive for only 8k of code. It's very easy, though. I stopped playing at level 104 with 14 lives (funny thing: after level 99, the level counter goes back to zero).
LOTHLIN21:03 01-March-2004
Simpler version of the arcade game Robotron (no humans to protect). Not bad for a game that runs on the 16K machine, but could have been made much better for the 48K version.

Rob Cook2322

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