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Micro edition
J.L.A and L.W. (most likely Jean-Luc Allard and Laurant Weill)
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : This is an early version of Loriciels' 'Moniteur' (NOT 'Moniteur 1.0').

The TAP files are transfers from non-original copies found on private users tapes.
Hence no inlay, no instructions, ...
Hopefully no transfer errors.

STORY: two different recordings found on private tapes, the two slightly different versions have been transfered.
If you compare the listings with Loriciels' Moniteur, it is obvious that this is an early version. This is confirmed indirectly by Laurant Weill's interview from (French) Joystick Magazine issue #5 (May 1990), page 53, where he explains Micro Edition was an early and short-lived name for Loriciels, that had to be changed because it was already used by another company.
When asked about it in 2024, Laurant Weill himself confirmed that a few tapes were sold before Loriciels brand appeared, at the Ellix shop, so maybe using Micro Edition name. And that these copies are most likely collector items!

[ass-des-musepat.tap] transfered to TAP by MusePat (Patrice), with permanent output on printer!
[ass-des-symoon.tap] transfered to TAP by Symoon (from old tapes of Fabrice Talleux), with the printer output removed and ink colour changed.

It's hard to tell which version is the closer to what an original copy could have been. Loriciels' Moniteur has the same ink coulour than Musepat's transfer, and asks the user for an optional printer output. Symoon's transfer seems more likely to be a user-modified version, to avoid wasting printer paper! Lines with "LPRINT" have been deleted, except line 265, whose LPRINT command was changed into PRINT instead of being deleted. It would probably be better to delete it!
SEE ALSO : Moniteur/Ass/Desass

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