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Artic Computing
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : No manual, instruciton on inlay and in game
No transfer errors.

Runs only on Oric-1, be careful with the special loading instructions (CLOAD"" twice). On many Oric-1, the program seems to be heavily bugged, behaving randomly. Several sources were tried and all went wrong the same way. But it sometimes runs fine on some models.

Thanks to Fabrice Francès, who found the bug in the program (problem in the PSG programming), there's now a debugged version running fine on any Oric-1: [aster_debugged.tap]

(Downloads Since 13/03/2003 : 60 )

(Downloads Since 13/03/2003 : 26 )
Owners on (original) : Dasse , reguil , fatboy , nobby2k , baz67
IBISUM22:09 02-September-2015
I would love to know more about this bug ..
BAZ6723:03 09-March-2014
Know exactly where you guys are coming from...I live in Hull where Artic Computing originated. I have two copies of this game... neither have ever CLOADed properly/worked! I'd best boot up my Atari for this one!
SYMOON18:11 09-November-2008
Yes! Fabrice Francès found the bug in the program that leads it to behave randomly. That being said, we don't know exactly how it can work on some models. It's pretty hard to find out, and probably not worth searching since it's a programming mistake.
CRISTIAN17:11 07-November-2008
Some news about investigation?
SYMOON11:10 11-October-2008
David sent me his copy: it is exactly the same than the 4 others I got before. The thing is: the game seems to work only on certain Oric-1 models! (the early ones with the grey logo maybe). I sent this info to various Oric World experts, it's under investigation... I had never heared before of different Oric-1 models that could have an consequence on running some software.
CRISTIAN10:10 06-October-2008
Hi DAVE3622, can you upload your bug free copy upload somewhere (Es. rapidshare) for us? Thx.
DAVE362218:09 26-September-2008
Interesting comments, I have a copy of this game and it seems to work perfectly. I have no problems with the controls whatsoever. Perhaps I have a bug-fixed version ?
WASKOL11:12 04-December-2007
hum, well, let's say that game is not finished...
THESPIDER04:10 05-October-2005
Tested -> what Symoon said.
SYMOON00:10 05-October-2005
The game seems bugged. Correct animation but once you shoot an asteroid everything goes wrong - commands and graphics. No sound except ZAP and PING...


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