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Alexandre Canavaggia
TYPE : Arcade/ SEU
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Atlantid, from Sprites (1984), by Alexandre Canavaggia (the listing states "J.A. Canavaggia")

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Nothing on inlay_b.

The manual is a simple piece of paper explaining side 1 and 2 were reversed, so you have to load the Oric-1 side for Atmos, and vice versa. The TAP files have been named correctly ;-) (run the "-a" for Atmos, and "-o" for Oric-1).

Enclosed was an advert for Tilt magazine (dead around 1995), each side being printed in a different direction.
Owners on (original) : bigjim
LAURENTD7500:09 14-September-2019
This game is a clone of Atlantis on the Atari 2600 VCS. Unfortunately, while the game features decent colourful graphics for the Oric, and acceptable animation, sounds and playability it certainly doesn't live up to the original. It misses the unique atmosphere brought about by the rythmic, pulsating ambient sounds from the underground city in the original game, and the firing, explosion and other ship sounds are also much inferior to the soudns in the original games, which is a pity given the vastly superior capabilities of the Oric in this area. Lastly, the aiming system makes the game much too easy, and while this is far from being a 'bad' game, it is far from being and enjoyable or addictive game...


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