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Alain Fernandes
TYPE : Arcade game
RELEASE DATE : March 1985
SECOND CATEGORY : Type ins Game (Magazine)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : No author mentioned in the magazine for this listing. It was published in the french magazine TILT n°19 (March 1985). You are repairing a high voltage line and then wolves are coming. Use Z and X to move and SPACE to shoot. By the way it's a bit red... ;)

The authors website :

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ALAIN FERNANDES10:04 07-April-2004
I'write this "game" ( It's very bad ) during the October 1983, in assembly language, just after I'start the writing game "L'été sera chaud" for Oric 1. 21 years after, I'find the images , very strange. But I'continue my programmer's job Mindscape Company. Look my web site ... Very's thanks for this Web site.... Alain Fernandes....

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