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RELEASE DATE : October 2017
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
Owners on (original) : kerkyra2007 , Adrian1967 , _Dbug_ , Bigjayce , tabusoft , laurentd75 , Vyper68 , elarquet , esimon , Lostsoul , experimental1972 , iss , Silicebit , sheld67 , toor , mickthebull , Beiriannydd , Idolfun , Manxmann , Juju , Juju , HarryTheB , Samy83 , Muso , Bobwest , pjs53 , CoBoL , mitsouleas , pauldsmyth , pauldsmyth , leniad , Glyn , Plast42220 , shabo , gorski
Youtube :
SILICEBIT20:11 10-November-2019
Amazing game for Oric, other master piece from Chema. Good job Chema!
LAURENTD7501:05 28-May-2018
** Note aux utilisateurs francophones: ** La version française de Blake's 7 est désormais disponible et téléchargeable à l'adresse suivante, avec sa documentation en français également:
LAURENTD7500:05 28-May-2018
LOL PENGWIN You are absolutely right, this is just one of the best games ever in all categories on the Oric !!
PENGWIN23:01 28-January-2018
Afraid I have to disagree with LAURENTD75. This is not "Simply one of the best adventure games ever on the Oric", but in my opinion, one of the best games ever on the Oric, and possibly, my favourite adventure on any 8-bit.
_DBUG_21:01 07-January-2018
Chema delivered again I did not know the TV show until he started to work on this game, since then I watched the first season, and it's indeed a smart take on the whole story line. Well done!
LAURENTD7501:11 02-November-2017
Simply one of the best adventure games ever on the Oric, a masterpiece that is not only technically stunning in the graphics and sound areas, but also shines for usability and for its beautifully crafted storyline. Although based on the original series, the plot has been very cleverly adapted to result in a very enjoyable gaming experience! Many thanks to Chema and to the additional contributors !!
SYMOON13:10 28-October-2017
Amazing is the right word! A masterpiece for our old little computer; very few games achieve such a high quality level. Oric has its point and click adventure game now, who would have belived that a few years ago?
IBISUM14:10 23-October-2017
This is an AMAZING game for Oric-1/Atmos/Telestrat fans, and should definitely be in your Top 5 list of Games to play in the 21st Century on your Oric! Riffing off everyones favourite dystopian sci-fi TV series from the 80's, BLAKES 7 puts you in a point and click adventure like you've never seen before on the Oric - its clever use of colours and the Orics' hi-res graphics provides a truly immersive story line that never gets in the way of fun and exploration .. be prepared to see things you never thought an Oric could do!


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