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SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
NOTES : Charset for Bulgarian language
NORIK12:04 19-April-2004
This is a simply Pravetz-8D memory dump. There are only uppercase cyrillic letters in the pravetz rom, and all of them located instead of engish lowercases in Oric. Approximately at the end of 80-ties I made armenian letters for pravetz just the same way - only uppercaces and located instead of english lowercases and with phonetic keymap, i. e. there was cyrillic and so armenian 'A' instead of latin 'a'. And, since then I am very familiar with both russian and armenian phonetic keymaps There was no russian bI letter... and You should type russian 'myagkij znak' (like 'b') and then english 'I' for it Use this file to open old russian or bulgarian games and soft correctly on the real Oric or emulator. I don't think that it is good to use this encoding for writing new programs. You can locate russian symbols at extended characters set memory and use it in Your programs and when writing messages on the screen and when user type some text! (You should hook the keypress events for it) leaving english lowercases untouched

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