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TYPE : Management game / boardgame
PRICE IN UK: 7.50 Pounds
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
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NOTES : No transfer errors.
No manual.
Nothing on inlay_b.

The programs were recorded twice in fast speed on side 1, and once in slow speed on side 2.
Owners on (original) : Lothlin , Lothlin , Lothlin , Lothlin , nobby , yoda , BigFatChris , atmosaurus , boris01 , thepeachbeetle , stevejefferies , stevejefferies , andyk4_0 , conchubhar , dave3622 , Yicker , baz67 , baz67 , baz67 , musepat31 , philou , Ben , Dinky74 , Jreb61 , CSerpent
Youtube :
DAVE362203:03 29-March-2014 Hangman Video!!
BAZ6723:03 10-March-2014
This was one of the 1st programs I ever saw running on a BBC Model B in our old High School computer suite in 1983 (Approx 18 Beebs, a CBM PET and an RM 380Z). The Oric version drives our lass nuts. As player 2 her floss always gets eaten by donkeys!
DAVE362218:08 11-August-2013
Here's the link for my YouTube video of 'Candyfloss'. It's kinda boring but I thought it would be a good idea to make it when I was a little drunk :--
DAVE362220:11 03-November-2008
I loved these two games when I first bought them, but they have dated badly compared to later IJK games. I still have a soft spot for Candyfloss though, so much so that I recently converted it to the C64!!!


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