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Gil Espeche and Eric Caen
TYPE : Arcade
RELEASE DATE : December 1983
PLATFORM :      
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : No transfer errors.
No manual.

Oric-1 only!
IBISUM22:09 25-September-2021
A very repetitive game, it is true - but it must be said that the gameplay is similar to the famous "Great Wall" 10-line Basic program from RAX ( .. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but the fact that this gameplay can be replicated in 10 lines might be a clue .. Also, please note that the graphics for this game would be *quite* usable for another style game, "Crazy Climber", were there sufficiently motivated Oric coders out there to do such a thing ..
OLD-COMPUTERS15:09 03-September-2021
An early Oric game from Loriciels. The game is too simplistic indeed, but Kaboom! is nearly the same thing in reverse! In fact, Caspak seems to take its inspiratoin from Orc Attack (Atari, C64, ZX Spectrum)
LAURENTD7515:02 22-February-2020
IMPORTANT: I finally understood what was wrong: this is actually an ATMOS game, it does NOT work in Oric-1 mode!! The game info on this page needs to be corrected!
LAURENTD7500:02 21-February-2020
Update: I didn't hear at first the intro music, it does sound quite weird... And I agree the only in-game sound effect is quite basic...
LAURENTD7500:02 21-February-2020
Well this little game doesn't look so bad, even though it might appear as simplistic, it actually looks quite fun and addictive and the graphics and sounds are fairly good. It reminds me of the era of those "Game & Watch" pocket videogames! See the Youtube video: HOWEVER, I didn't succeed in getting it to run in under Oricutron in Oric 1 mode: the first .TAP file loads a one-liner BASIC program that attempts to CLOAD the .TA1 and .TA2 files but it just returns after laoding the .TA1 part, and if manually attempting to load the .TA2 part after, the emulator just crashes to monitor mode...
WAROX23:02 10-February-2006
A boring game. graphic,sound,animation are too simple.


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