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David Thompson
TYPE : Chess
PLATFORM :       
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Seems there's an auto-check for loading errors inside the program.

Hidden message inside the game (never saw it appear):
"Thanks to Superior Software for providing software to enable this program to be downloaded from a BBC micro.Copyright ` 1982,1983 & 1984 David Thompson.Unauthorised copying of this program is illegal.All rights reserved..Other programs by same author include Draughts 2.48 (Oric/Atmos).This program is dedicated to my bank balance, to life,liberty, friends fresh scones,to the UN and peacemakers the world over."

Nothing on inlay_b.

Names ChessIII for telestrat
Owners on (original) : jede , dave3622 , carokann , devilhunter , evilmike , baz67 , musepat31 , philou , Oric man , sbriancourt
ORIC MAN18:09 07-September-2020
This is a good chess program with an interesting selection of options. Sadly no disk version.
THESPIDER01:08 21-August-2004
Totally forgot about this chess game!!!! It was one of the very few games that I actually bought and owned for the Oric back in the 80s. Used to play it quite often. Funny though, as I cannot ever remember winning. he he Just gave it another blast and am amazed how playable it still is, and very easy on the eye. This is contrasted to "modern" chess games.
LOTHLIN16:11 02-November-2003
A good chess program. Clear board and pieces with plenty of options. Plays a good game too!
CAMERON21:03 27-March-2003
used to beat me regularly on the lowest level . tried playing it on the hardest level once - it took 22 hours to take a move
_DBUG_14:12 11-December-2002
Using Euphoric in accelerated speed during reflexion phase, I managed to make Chess win VS a player that used to be member of the local Chess club using the highest levels. Quite a good chess program, with really a lot of options, graphically appealing, and easy to use. And it loads very fast too !
CRISTIAN10:12 11-December-2002
Good AI (100% machine code) game engine, move timer, a lot of option, load/save capabilities and nice graphics makes IJK Chess the best chess Oric's game ever.
CRISTIAN10:12 11-December-2002

Oric man3153

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