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S.J. Laws and Geoff Phillips
TYPE : Chess
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
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THROUD16:05 02-May-2024
Superbement realise, ce jeu d'echec ne decoit pas si ce n'est par son temps de reflexion lorsque l'ordinateur choisi son coup qui peut parfois etre assez long. La grande surprise est la synthese vocale qui prononce chaque coup. Super jeu! si on aime les echecs..
ORIC MAN19:09 07-September-2020
Visually appealing chess game but not for the purist. I clearly remember that this game would cheat!
SGT04B12:11 09-November-2011
Apart form the "You can't do that" it was/is impossible for me to understand what the speaker was saying. Gets extremely slow beyond level 3.
VAL15:01 21-January-2005
Impressive speech synthesis given the time, and good difficulty settings although I was (and am still) rubbish at chess, so it was good enough for me with lowest difficulty settings . I remember that a winning game at level one would always win if the same moves were repeated...Level two took a bit longuer to think its moves but never lost against me =)
LOTHLIN16:04 10-April-2004
Good chess game and the one I had when I was young. I used to play this when I was off sick from school :-) Nice loading screen and the game speaks when a move is made. The speech is actually understandable too. The lowest level of play is quick and still challenging enough for someone of my chess ability (i.e. I am rubbish).
VBLA20:02 02-February-2004
Very nice chess game. The Speech was a very nice effect for it's days. Nice play, however IJK's chess was faster stronger. A must for the speech however.


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