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ARG Informatique
Gilles Bertim
TYPE : Pinball sim
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Cobra Pinball, from Cobra Soft / ARG Informatique (1984/1985), by Gilles Bertin.

English user guide in Stuff below.

Special routines - impossible to transfer to TAP file with the usual tools, the program was left as WAV format for Euphoric, so no error detection but seems OK. Use Euphoric's virtual tape player (F1 key in Euphoric).
Nothing on inlay_b.

The program listing states:
"commencé en mars 1984, fini en décembre 1984"
("Begun in March 1984, ended in December 1984")

The copyright varies: 1984 on the tape, 1985 on the inlay.

Dom managed to handle the non-standard routines (mixing fast and slow speed!), and made an unmodified TAP file: [cobrap.tap]
See his explanations (in French) in his article: [Formats Exotiques _6_.pdf]
[Codes Cobra Pinball.pdf]: colour codes translated into their respective numbers by Dom.

No protection on disk version.

The program works with the Mageco vocal synthesizer and says (at least?) 3 sentences, in French with an English accent:
[cobrap_vocal_synth1.wav] "Cobra Soft présente Cobra Pinball"
[cobrap_vocal_synth2.wav] "Play again"
[cobrap_vocal_synth3.wav] "Insert coin"

Several versions:
V1: apparently I had just the tape to scan. Tape (c) 1984.
V2: apparently better quality paper for the manual. Tape (c) 1985. Manual translated into English, too.
V3: "Oric 1 Atmos" removed form the front inlay, plasic inside the box can now hold a tape OR a floppy disk. Tape similar to v2. (thanks to Stéphane Rezette and Didier Valler for this one)

Funny message for hackers in the listing:

"Salut les deplombeurs !...
pourquoi vous donner tant
de mal a pirater, ne croyez
vous pas qu'il soit plus
interessant d'ecrire des
programmes, nous sommes pret
a vous editer, nous offrons
des conditions tres interes-
-santes a nos auteurs:

5 avenue Monnot
71100 CHALON sur Saone

nous pouvons aussi editer
des programmes de protection
et des programmes de .....

And further, in the machine code part hidden after the basic listing:

"Bonjour et bravo pour ce deplombage, j'espere que vous ne ferez pas de copie!...
ecrivez plutot des programmes nous pouvons vous offrir des conditions
d'edition tres avantageuses (8 a 10%)
Gilles BERTIN"


Orix basic11: NOK

Orix basic11 Joysticks: NOK
Owners on (original) : jede , dolarfred , dolarfred , IparI , IparI , FIALKOWSKI , ZITOUNE , kerampont , atmosaurus , pooss75 , d2d2 , ddddadddd , maveric , fredoric1 , neorod , Kador , Passpat , barnsey123 , Alfred , musepat31 , philou , crazibou , crazibou , crazibou , crazibou , KailoKyra , tgrimwood , cbruno , Juju , Tuxosaurus , JihemB
STAR4221:08 31-August-2010
quel flip !! génial
MAXIMUS01:04 20-April-2004
the roms on internet doesn't work at all somebody has a good file ? please where ?
_DBUG_15:08 19-August-2003
Probably the best pinball game on the oric. Not as customisable than Macadam Bumper, but more playable.

Rob Cook4333

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