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Fran├žois Lionet
TYPE : Arcade
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : The original editor is JAWX

Owners on (original) : nobby , Prashp72 , markerror , Muso
MUSO18:05 28-May-2021
Markerror - you must have an egg in a nest at all times. You need to visit the mother hen to make more eggs to lay - but the longer you are in the the more exposed are the eggs! And your energy is depleted. Eat food to get more energy.
MARKERROR10:05 16-May-2021
Game has been done also on Amstrad CPC (Chicken chase) with better but smaller graphics. I have played a little bit with the game, and don't understand why I systematically loose when a chick comes to see his mother. Looking at Oric & C64 videos doesn't help...
ALAIN FERNANDES10:04 07-April-2004
Yes is write JAWX Company , this game is adapted, for Thomson MO and TO , and Commodore 64.. I'work on the Thomson version. Alain Fernandes .
_DBUG_18:09 12-September-2003
Well, I think there are more than one glitch in the game, and they probably came from a bad tape ripping. Like names not appearing in highscores, or a blue ink change in the middle of screen. The collisions are not very accurate, and sprite is not masked. But it's funny.
MUSO22:03 14-March-2003
I think this must be quite unique. An odd game that is great fun to play and it gets very challenging in later levels. I used a small glitch in the program to obtain very high scores, very easily. I'll not tell you the trick here though - try and find it for yourself !
JEDE01:07 29-July-2002
Strange Game, funny game. However, they could do a mask for the sprite.

Rob Cook4333

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