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Alistair Way
TYPE : Cricket sim
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : No transfer errors.
Nothing on inlay_b.

This transfer is a team effort:
Thanks to Jean B. for the TAP file, cleaned by Symoon
Thanks to Steve Marshall and Jonathan Haworth who both provided inlay and instructions scans
(seems like Steve's inlay has some extra lines drawn?)
Thanks to Steve Marshall for providing a WAV file, which sadly couldn't produce a TAP file but might work on a real Oric (not tested)
The overview picture was taken from Ebay!

Complete instruction sheets in Stuff below
Owners on (original) : Rob Cook
ROB COOK06:09 29-September-2004
Written by Alistair Way and an early effort from him. If I remember correctly, this was the first game I accepted for release under the 'Mirage' label. Not being a cricket fan myself (bloody boring!) I wasn't the best judge so I passed it over to my brother to look at. He found it graphically basic but addictive as hell and a decent simulation.
LOTHLIN11:09 07-September-2003
The graphics are not very good, there isn't much sound and yet for some reason, I really enjoyed playing this game! I spent 2 hours playing the game on my Atmos recently (blowing dust off the tape box), and it brought back all the memories of when I used to play it when the game was released . You have England vs Australia in a Test Match or Limited Overs game, redefine the teams (so you can use todays players) and there are a number of options. It is quite hard to control the batsmen until you have practiced a bit, master it and you'll soon be getting 4's and 6's. The control is actually quite good when you are used to it. I think that the factor that kept pulling me back was trying to get higher batting scores - this bit is oddly addictive. Fielding is a bit boring. Like I said the graphics and sound are not very good, so either this game will grab you (the one-more-go factor) or you will hate it utterly - there is no middle ground! If you don't like or understand cricket, you definitely will hate it! I gave an extra point for the graphics score for the ball delivery routine, as this is important for play and done well - otherwise it would have scored only 1.

Rob Cook2333

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