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Pete Beckett Barbara Beckett, Chris Beckett
TYPE : Strategy
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Flight simulation of a Lancaster bomber trying to destroy dams with a "bouncing-bomb"

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LAURENTD7502:03 08-March-2019
A truly enjoyable WWII aerial combat simulator, that was quite stunning at the time as it featured a realistic and detailed instrument panel (although there was no such thing as ILS on the Lancaster and in any case this never was a target homing system as it is depicted and used in the game!!). It is also one of very few (2 I think) flight simulations to feature simplistic but immersive 3D wireframe graphics for scenery and horizon. The flight model is very simplistic and the framerate is so slow (typically 2-3 fps) that "piloting" the Lanc is really cumbersome as screen redraw typically lags behind command input by up to one second, and you often have to press keys frankly and keep them pressed for half a second to have your inputs registered... Speaking of inputs, flight commands are unfortunately inverted on the Y axis (you have to press the up arrow key to pitch the aircraft up, which is the opposite of what you do in a real aircraft where you have to move the stick down towards you to pitch the aircraft up of course). The simulation of AAA (anti-aircraft artillery) also called "Flak" in German is quite good, with nearby explosions destabilizing the plane and/or causing structural damage. As to the bombing simulation, it feels quite good although it is quite tricky to use the "ILS" to capture the glideslope and make sure you're aligned with the target, and to find the correct altitude and correct timing to drop the bomb so it will bounce and explode right at the right spot to break the dam. On the audio side the intro music is utter crap, however in-game sound effects are quite good even though they are a bit on the minimalist side. All in all, it was a very thrilling and immersive simulation and I played it for hours... Although quite different from Mission Delta (the only other aerial combat flight simulation for the Oric as far as I remember) and simpler, it was as enjoyable and I played both with equal pleasure, and I think we were quite lucky to have both of these games for the Oric at that time!!
HAKAN_K20:03 29-March-2005
A very hard flightsimulator for the Oric. Took much practice to get a hang of it.
CAMERON21:03 27-March-2003
bloody impossible to play! played for hours and rarely got over water. did drop a few bombs over water omn the odd occasion which then stopped and gave a profile view of the dam complete with a few fish. i hit it once and the dam emptied and the fish died. well made - you could loop the loop! but pretty unplayable- no landscape just a horizon - and if you were lucky - a resevoir appeared
LOTHLIN11:09 29-September-2002
The aim of this game is to fly a Lancaster bomber to some dams and destroy them using the famous "Bouncing Bomb". The gameplay isn't too bad, the simulation is simplistic but relative accurate and the graphics are simple but nice. The flak is murderous! One of the better flight simulators/games on the Oric and well worth a look.

Rob Cook2122

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