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Herman Zwaag & Marcel Van Driel
TYPE : Platform
CATEGORY : Platform
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err err 

(Downloads Since 13/03/2003 : 176 )
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LAURENTD7501:02 08-February-2018
A technical masterpiece on the Oric, be it for graphics or sound effects, with a stunning rendition of Depeche Mode's "New Life" song (don't know if they even bothered to licence it at the time, lol...!!) The game is really enjoyable, but the playability unfortunately suffers from the incredibly high level of difficulty... You really have to be a top player to pass even the first few levels... That's a shame because if it were toned down a bit it would be as enjoyable as "Manic Miner", which it resembles a lot... PS - I still remember the introductory cartoon on the title page, absolutely loved it at the time...
DAVE362219:09 17-September-2008
What a terrible shame. This could so easily have been one the Oric's best games, were it not for the ridiculous difficulty. Clearly there were no such things as playtesters back in the early 80's. I can't even get close to finishing the 1st level, and frankly I can't be bothered trying any more. A good game ruined by bad level design and over strict colision detection.
WASKOL17:11 30-November-2007
This game is really nice, colorfull, nice music, etc... But soooooooooooo hard ! This is NOT what I consider as a good game !
ZAPZAPEXPLODE17:05 15-May-2007
Was it just me or was the music very much like depeche mode - New Life? Did they nick it
NOBBYSNUTS19:12 27-December-2006
fantastic programming for its time well done morph
ROB COOK07:09 29-September-2004
Reiterating the other comments. Technically superb but wasted due to game difficulty. I never completed a single level.
MORPHEUS22:05 25-May-2004
By the way, I am not the programmer off course, I meant to type designer and mention Herman as the programmer. Slip of the keys and no way to edit Marcel
MORPHEUS22:05 25-May-2004
I am the designer and programmer of this game. It's so weird to see this online after so many years. I apologize for making the game so hard though. My father was able to complete every level, so we thought we made it easy enough. Can you imagine that even I cannot finish the first level without cheating now... Marcel van Driel
_DBUG_14:08 31-August-2003
That's a great game, but hoooooooo so damn difficult
JEDE14:08 31-August-2003
Well Really nice game, good music, good gfx, but really hard, I never finished the first level !
_DBUG_13:08 19-August-2003
That game is technicaly and graphicaly quite an achievment, but why is it this hard ???? Makes Manic Miner looks like a baby game in comparison.
CMPI22:06 18-June-2003
The gfx were nice, the music was great but arghhhhhhhhhhh it was soooooo difficult .... Too Bad
SYMOON22:05 08-May-2003
ok, I've just finished the game (screenshots to follow soon). And NOTHING happends in the end ! Just loop to level 1 ! Guess they thought nobody would ever finish the game... Pretty lame indeed !
SYMOON00:03 28-March-2003
Well, I finally managed to finish Level 1, but I had to cheat (used the save/restore option from Euphoric). Even with the cheat, it was a hell ! How sad that a brillant game on the technical side is wasted by being much, much too hard. Had there been no cheat, I would have given up very quickly.
HH23:03 25-March-2003
I tried to play this game. It had good graphic, music and easy controls. But because it was so difficult to play, I later just loaded the game to hear the music - which I found to be great music on an Oric for this periode of time. I liked the idea, where you with the keys "A" or "S" could turn the volume up or down when the music was playing.
LOTHLIN20:11 29-November-2002
A beautifully presented Manic Miner game, but oh! so difficult!

Rob Cook4522

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