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Andrew Moore
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
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NOTES : No transfer errors.
Manual is on inlay_b.

Two versions exist:
- version 1: "Oric comes of age" written on the inlay, tapes labels font is bigger and labeled "48K"
[defence.tap], [defence.jpg], [defence_tape_a1.jpg], [defence_tape_b1.jpg]
- version 2: "Oric comes of age" missing, tapes labels font is smaller and labeled "Oric Atmos 48K"
[defence2.tap], [defence2.jpg], [defence_tape_a2.jpg], [defence_tape_b2.jpg]

Inlay_b are similar in the 2 versions.

Orix basic11: OK

Orix basic11 Joysticks: NOK (does not hook keyboard)
Owners on (original) : HH , HH , mephisto66 , mephisto66 , tordjy , 6502man , BFGod , blaiz , chris , cpa , Syntax_terror , franckdreumont , awm , acid_head , rono , Frank247 , noihex , pengwin , atmosaurus , Lars , ip , amb , Alay , donpwaro , terran , dwarfpower , qwerty100 , jotd , DC , Tombracer , ccossio , Nurse Dumpling , dave3622 , tgrimwood , reguil , DaveD , jpw , jpw , oricjohnny , daoloth , xin_insa , dibs , Passpat , ricotti , thepeachbeetle , carokann , oricas , fandenivoldsk , steffen , Daffy35 , vrossebo , harryslad , jack.cap , toutoune , adolfo69 , jmyner , rodb , mgoreiro , Tuxosaurus , bsr43 , oxmikeinmi , TheGoofster , dark42 , jede , devilhunter , GreenSlider , evilmike , warox , tommiatmos , ibisum , baz67 , Hialmar , Randhir , jj , musepat31 , gmolinari , kostas , jbx99 , philou , zeelog , bigjim , jaracil , karlmg , oriccentillion , experimental1972 , KailoKyra , Norwich Retro , sonicmule , joey55 , Antiriad2097 , Oric man , Juju , arkright , Bugbloke , JihemB , SimonL , Jreb61 , localheroparis , ylf22300 , CSerpent , Stratmos , pfsteel , NeilW , pauldsmyth

KENNETH23:10 16-October-2017
The best visual effects I've ever seen on a small machine.
ZEELOG00:12 30-December-2015
Good gGame , I have play tjhis game a lot , and I have finih it. He need more level to be perfect.
GREENSLIDER00:03 02-March-2013
Straight back to "83..still looks well for its age
RANDHIR19:08 22-August-2011
Such good memories going back to the 80's.... I love this game
HARRYSLAD23:04 29-April-2011
I used to love the game. I probably enjoyed the "wraith zone' most of all - although never realised until now that if you stayed in it long enough the game would restart. Without doubt the best shooter for the Oric.
KALGAR16:11 24-November-2010
Excellent jeu ! Dommage que le jeu tourne en boucle jusqu'au game over au niveau 80...
STAR4222:08 31-August-2010
Un des meilleurs jeux sur Oric
KTHEDANE10:12 30-December-2009
The best games for the oric in my mind.
ORICOTE12:08 13-August-2006
By far, the best game ever written for the Oric. Graphics, sound and playability were excellent. Movement was far from choppy compared to other games, it played smooth and it really squeezed Oric's capabilities by th time it was written. Unfortunately there were not many other games with such quality. JOTD: Beyond level 80 you have to spend about 2 hours in the wraith zone eventually killing the wraith enemies that come one by one. After that time you restart at level 1...and funny, you get killed very quickly after having been for so long at that wraith zone...
JOTD09:05 09-May-2006
Excellent game. One of the best, in a gfx & playability point of view. IIRC, at level 80 the game loops forever in the dreaded "wraith zone" and stays that way until no lives left.
WAROX14:02 11-February-2006
One's of my faverite game on the Oric, technically closed to "perfect". A very good Defender clone.
ROB COOK06:09 29-September-2004
Written by Andrew Moore of 'Don't Press The Letter Q' fame. Graphically and technically very impressive, I could regonise the quality of the game. That said, it never really grabbed me enough to really enjoy it for long periods. Dunno why.
MAXIMUS23:04 24-April-2004
so fun , difficulty increase gradually , it's excellent sounds & music : excellent
LOTHLIN17:09 07-September-2003
Almost certainly the best Defender-style game on the Oric. It is also one of the loudest! The game makes an incredible racket during play - it's great!
CMPI20:06 18-June-2003
Well I've spent many many hours when I was young in front of this great game. I really think it's one (the) of the best shoot'em up for the Oric. Certainly a great DEFENDER clone ...
VBLA20:05 13-May-2003
Have spent many many hours on this game. One of the best arcades on the Oric.
HH22:03 27-March-2003
I will second DBUG on his comments. I found this to be a masterpiece on the Oric. It looks very much like a real Arcade game. The ship is easy to control and the graphic/sprites is very nice maded.
SYMOON15:11 24-November-2002
I second Jede here: this game may be technically brillant, I never got hooked... Played it once or twice and that's it. If you liked it, try FireFlash, too.
JEDE05:11 24-November-2002
I never enjoyed this kind of game, It's maybe strange, but it's not a game i play a lot...
_DBUG_12:07 29-July-2002
This game is a pure gem. The presentation really looks like a real Arcade game, sounds are nice, the ship is really easy to handle, sprites does not flick, and the whole things is simply great to play. My favorite arcade game on the Oric

Rob Cook4344

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