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Myles B.L. Dunlop
RELEASE DATE : July 1984
SECOND CATEGORY : Type ins Game (Magazine)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Oric-1 only
Owners on (original) : HH , Cristian , dave3622
DAVE362221:08 22-August-2013
Here's a small gameplay video of this game that I made :
DAVE362203:01 11-January-2013
Ignore my last comment. I have typed this in from 'Your Computer' magazine and it works perfectly The English version has been added to my Gamebase and will be available to all with the next release. PS, the listing isn't bugged, you just have to have a keen eye and a basic knowledge of M/C to fill in those few faded characters.
DAVE362219:06 26-June-2012
Hi Cristian, sorry to be a nuisance but would it be possible to post this yet again so I could add it to the Gamebase I'm creating. It appears the new link has expired again
CRISTIAN17:04 13-April-2012
Hi HH, the old link has expired. Try the new one: Ciao BEY From St@ff IOCERO.COM
HH13:04 06-April-2012
Hello Christian. I have tried to use your link todag - but if fails! It don't exists...! Could you please set it up again or send the DESTROYER.tap to Oric.Org so we all could have the pleasure of the game. I have tried too to type in the codes from Your Computer, but it fails!!!
TREVROCK16:02 12-February-2012
Thank you very much for the link Cristian Works a treat.
CRISTIAN16:02 06-February-2012
Here's the link from my own copy that I've debbugged and revrite in Italian: Ciao BEY From St@ff IOCERO.COM
TREVROCK20:02 03-February-2012
Still Looking
TREVROCK21:06 17-June-2007
Can't find this listing or download anywhere Can anyone help ?
CRISTIAN13:12 30-December-2003
I have this homebrew arcade game and I've play a lot! This is a boat shoot'em'up with nice graphic, good explosion animation and infinite wave attack. My favorite shooters on Oric after Xennon1! I remember the big work on Oric1 keyboard while entering LM code (and lot of error to debug with OricMon!). My copy is stored in a tape (I hope this still work). If somebody want this game please tell me how I can upload tape cassette on PC....
_DBUG_11:08 19-August-2003
Ok, considering there is no download link, no screen shots, and that software appear in the top 50, I will set my notes to 0/0/0 temporarily to get it go down. The day I will be able to play it, I will put back real notes.
MUSO23:03 14-March-2003
As far as I'm aware, no-one has got this working properly.
TREVROCK11:08 06-August-2002
Great game. I typed this in from the magazine when it was published but unfortunatley the tape will only partly load now. If a copy is available please let me know.


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