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T. Schiex / J.C. Bandini
TYPE : Pinball
RELEASE DATE : September 1984
PLATFORM :      
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : WAV format for Euphoric, use Euphoric's virtual tape player (F1 key in Euphoric).

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ROB COOK14:01 01-January-2021
A better/more polished pinball game than Macadam Bumper in my opinion, for some reason - even without the benefit of MB's 'create your own pinball' option.
IBISUM21:03 30-March-2015
A very nice pinball game for the Oric-1/Atmos machines .. unique in that it allowed you to alter the physics parameters that set up the board .. if only there were a construction-kit like editor for this as well, so we could add our own tables .. the included table gets a little dull after a while .. could have been interesting if we could edit!
VBLA14:12 23-December-2002
A very nice flipper game for the Oric. May the only :-) And had a very nice protection loader, that did a ROL instead of a ROR during byte loading.

Rob Cook4344

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