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Marc Duren
TYPE : Helicopter arcade
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : No tranfer errors.

No manual.
Nothing on inlay_b.
Two different tapes were scanned and transfered. The inlay look was the same, but the tapes label had little differences. The program is the same, except the Loriciels ads during the loading that are different, see the TAP files:

About the release date:
- the tapes state '1985' and 'September 1984'
- the inlay states 'November 1984'
- the program states '1984'

The program works with the Mageco vocal synthesizer and says 3 sentences, in French with an English accent:
[frelon_synth_intro.wav] 'Frelon, pressez une touche pour jouer'
[frelon_synth_attention.wav] 'Attention au départ'
[frelon_synth_gameover.wav] 'Game over'

DISK file available below in stuffs.

Owners on (original) : nobby , nobby , nadu , atmosaurus , waskol , PatTheFrog , sysy , bookaro , jede , billsat , jorodr , Pravetz8D , xvassor , piounon , Tuxosaurus , hugugue67 , musepat31 , HH , exgamesadrenaline , philou , Remy13 , laurentd75 , KailoKyra , Vyper68 , tgrimwood
IBISUM21:03 30-March-2015
A truly frenetic arcade game that would have you wondering where all the color clash went! Definitely an inspiration for the sorts of things the Oric can do if you give it a chance - smooth and playful animations, and a true arcade feeling.
HH10:11 16-November-2014
This was one of my favorites games. Grahics are excellent and easy to play. Great game!
OLD-COMPUTERS18:11 11-November-2010
One of the best games for the Oric. For sure.
WASKOL00:05 15-May-2007
It is a very nice arcade game. In this game, you must build a bridge with you helicopter which elements can be found among the 5 colorfull screens in order to let your convey cross the river. Ennemies are numerous (tanks, planes, ...), graphics are excellent, the game play is present and the overall game is very addictive. Not too easy, not too difficult, the game difficulty is well balanced. The music is... forget it and enjoy !
ROB COOK06:09 29-September-2004
A bit dodgy on collision detection but it's forgivable. I loved this game.
TWILIGHTE16:08 11-August-2002
Frelon is a great Oric game, and alot of work must have gone into the game. The graphics are wonderful for such an old game. The Lorry is superbly drawn making full use of the Orics graphics. Unfortunately since everything seems to use attributes, scrolling and sprite movement is a little crude, however if you ignore this, Frelon is still a great game.

Rob Cook4244

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