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TYPE : Naval warfare simulator
PRICE IN UK: 6.50 Pounds
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Nothing on inlay_b.
The version I have has a sticker "Proriciels", from the French distributor (see [frigate_sticker.jpg]). It was sticked at the bottom of the inlay.

- [frigate1.tap]: labelled side which is called "FRIGATE", and that has a small loader (unlabelled side doesn't have it). Why?
- [frigate2.tap]: unlabelled side called "FREGATE" and that doesn't have the loader.
There were transfer errors corrected (hex edit), let us know if you see any bug or contact us if you have a 100% working tape.

I didn't have the manual, so it's missing on the pictures and there's no scan of it. But thanks to MickaŽl Pointier (D-Bug) who kindly typed it, there's a TXT version of it.
Owners on (original) : Lothlin , Lothlin , Lothlin , Lothlin , si_one , Yicker , Morkai , dave3622 , devilhunter , evilmike , baz67 , musepat31 , philou , mickthebull , Antiriad2097 , KailoKyra , Jreb61
BAZ6723:03 17-March-2014
This was a great effort, Ashley. Me and my mates were well into this when we were a similar age, fella. Like Harrier Attack, there was a certain 'Falklands feel/factor' and this game's naval engagements fired the imagination of the Oric wargamer of the time. Marvellous memories (mainly 48K!). Thanks for the memories, guys.
BARNSEY12317:04 08-April-2011
One of my favourites.I have the original "manual" if anyone is interested...
WASH18:04 25-April-2007
Aye, guilty as charged for foisting this one on you poor beggars. Written in BASIC during school holidays when I was 15. My next one was a 6502 machine code arcade game that - during testing - crashed while saving updates to my only copy, losing 3 months work. Turned my back on computers for 10 years following that. Glad at least one of you enjoyed it. I have an untested tape given gratis by IJK if anybody needs it. It's an episode of my life happily behind me.
MAGOO15:04 25-April-2007
for the record his name was Ashley Mills.
MAGOO15:04 25-April-2007
just looking at this site, my brother actually wrote this game !! I remember him producing in basic......took him longer to do the loading screen than the game.
MAXIMUS23:06 07-June-2006
only one screen, humm poor graphics categoric is really better no possibility to adjust fire, you only say to fire
ROB COOK07:09 29-September-2004
Competent, if basic, wartime strategy game.
LOTHLIN16:09 27-September-2003
This is a naval warfare game in the style of the old "Trek" type programs. The graphics and sound are ok, of course they are not the most important factors in games like this. You can play this happily for hours while looking for enemy ships, subs and planes.
_DBUG_00:11 26-November-2002
I remember playing a lot to that game. Throwing exocet missiles, launching torpedos, looking for hiddent submarines... and the sonar, lot of good memories on that one.

Rob Cook2233

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