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Alistair Way
TYPE : Super Sprint style game
PLATFORM :      
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : The game allows an incredible 4 players to play at the same time!
Owners on (original) : kerampont , Muso , spamkutu
MUSO14:08 03-August-2017
Guys RHETORIC DISK 10 has Grand Prix on it.
DAVE362219:08 19-August-2013
Here's a gameplay video I made with 4 computer controlled cars. :
CRISTIAN16:08 26-August-2012
Looking for tap!
SYMOON13:07 29-July-2012
If anyone has the tape and can lend it, I'd be happy to make a TAP file of it and scans.
ROB COOK01:07 29-July-2012
Has this made it to .tap file yet?
CRISTIAN13:03 10-March-2010
Where can I find this game, Please? THX
ROB COOK01:10 24-October-2003
Excellent game by the talented Ali Way. I recall he was looking for ideas for new games to write and I went back with 'Super Sprint clone, please!'. He hadn't even heard of the game, which makes the final result even more amazing. I sent him a few screen shots and a game review. He came back with Grand Prix. A superb conversion - 4 player no less!
SYMOON23:10 16-October-2003
Ah, this is a great Super Sprint remake ! I sadly never had the full version with all tracks. Each car can be changed, and multiplayer is allowed. I'm surprised this game seems to remain unknown, any Super Sprint-like fans must try it.

Rob Cook4254

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