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Alistair Way
TYPE : Platform arcade-adventure
PLATFORM :      
CATEGORY : Platform
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Trivia: This game was inspired by the song of the same name by Marillion.

******* GRENDEL instructions ****************
The disk image (once put in your Oric directory) will auto-run.
KEYS: Z - Left.......X - Right...... Space - Jump
Down arrow - Crouch...... <> - Object select
Return - Fire..... Escape - Pause
Slay anything that moves, collect the key components,
unlock the door with completed keys , and DESTROY GRENDEL
This game written by Alistair Way. Distributed bu Mirage/OUM

- nom : grendel
- éditeur : Mirage
- date : 1990
- auteurs : Alistair Way
- transfer errors : b397, b398
- compatibilité : Or1/AT
- manuel :non

Owners on (original) : awayo , nobby , ibisum , omelette , Ramme , dave3622 , Muso
LAURENTD7523:05 06-May-2018
Graphics and sounds are OK, impressive animation, but the game is just unplayable, all the more because enemies actually respawn within seconds...
IBISUM22:03 30-March-2015
Some of the skankiest graphics you'll ever see on the Oric, but an interesting game nevertheless .. you can see an effort was made to get around the Oric's attribute clash, and this results in a somewhat garish display, but the game itself can be cute at times and it certainly delivers on the platformer genre for the Oric. Get over the initial eye-bleed shock, and give it a chance .. there are some redeeming levels once you get into it a bit, and you certainly won't be disappointed by how smooth the ugly animations can be ..
OMELETTE03:02 15-February-2010
Although I received this game when OUM was still going strong, I never did much with it - maybe it was the graphics, dunno. I decided to rectify that recently and gave it my undivided attention, and have ended up loathing the game! It's basically way too difficult. Without infinite lives (easy, just edit the Basic "CODE" prog) and a Poke to disable the bullet effects (found at the 'Reluctant Dragon's' site) I'd say this game is impossible to finish. And it's much, much worse after you 'open the door' - up till then, I'd rate the difficulty as pretty fair, even managing to collect all keys & weapons once I had 'figured things out'. Beyond the door, imo, it can't be completed without cheating. Oh well, at least I finished it - that's one scratch I will never again need (or want!) to itch...
TWILIGHTE22:05 10-May-2005
What i remember about this game most were as Dbug said the enormous sprites, but also that weird and wonderful rotating sphere near the start. Apparently Alistair Way got his younger brother (About 6 years old at the time) to do the graphics, which kind of explains a bit.
LOTHLIN14:02 25-February-2004
I agree with DBug, generally. The engine behind the game is very good (for the Oric, anyway, with fast and large sprites). The background scenery is very complex and generally works well with the game, although sometimes not. Not all of the graphics are to my tastes and I do agree the game could be improved with better graphics, but hey, for an Oric game of the time they were good! Sound is adequate, gun sounds, movement sounds and a few little tunes. Gameplay can be very hard and there are plenty of deadly areas - something todays gamers would not like, but common at the time. This is about the only decent platform arcade-adventure on the Oric that I can recall.
_DBUG_23:09 12-September-2003
Well, with a real graphician and level designer, that game engine could have proved beeing great. Unfortunately for me graphics are uggly, and traps deadly, making it very boring to play. That's a shame, because technicaly it's smooth and fast with very huge sprites.

Rob Cook4344

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