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John Cumming/Gary Munroe/Ian Marshall
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Tape file:
Special protected routines - converted 100% to TAP file.
No Manual.
Nothing on inlay_b.

Sometimes considered as a sequel of The Ultra: among the 101 levels, you will find again a remix of many The Ultra levels.
Also lots of references to many, many other games, songs, computers, history, TV shows...

Dominique P. found what happened with the loading routines: parts 4 and 5 have a program start byte at $3C value instead of the standard $24 (and bytes are coded with an EOR $94).
That means the TAP file could be done if all the parts are converted in a row from a big WAV file. If it had been done part by part, the parts 4 and 5 would not be considered as standard, hence not converted.

As a side effect, the TAP file can't be converted back to WAV with existing tools, so a WAV file version is available for users willing to load the game on a real machine.
Owners on oric.org (original) : nobby , chris , dolomiah , waskol , barnsey123 , ABS , devilhunter , ronoc , baz67 , leemoon , tgrimwood , Prashp72
SWIBBZ03:09 28-September-2021
Probably the closest the Oric had to a Jeff Minter game
IBISUM22:03 30-March-2015
A hectic and fun shooter with moments of monotony interrupted by pure joy at the depth of graphic madness that the programmers packed into this game .. after a year or so of BASIC type-ins, seeing graphics like this on the Oric was a pure joy to my teenage mind. Think of all the typing, I would say, as I held down fire and blasted away ..
HAKAN_K11:01 01-January-2005
A very good shoot-em-up gave. I liked it very much.
MAXIMUS01:04 25-April-2004
Yeah , gameplay excellent and invaders are sometimes hilarous
_DBUG_12:08 19-August-2003
It's quite a goot sequel to the ultra, but very hard imo.
JEDE22:08 14-August-2003
I had now tested Hellion. It's fast, Really a good games, with good graphics, it's really fast.
HH23:05 08-May-2003
This game has a nice loading picture. One of the best ever made for the Oric. The game itself is a great shoot-em-up game with 101 incredible levels. However I could never find the right way to control the ship and beware of enemy fire so I always died quite easy. A shame, as it looked to be a good game.
CAMERON21:03 27-March-2003
can't believe it got more stars than zorgon's. a very average game where the only good bit was the intro graphic whilst loading a la spectrum
MUSO22:03 14-March-2003
One of the best games for the Oric. Plenty of action. Great animation and fun too ! A classic
LOTHLIN20:10 03-October-2002
Excellent shoot-em-up - a must have for any collection. There really are 101 incredible levels. Many of them include fun poking at other computer companies, machines and games. In the examples above, you can see references to Atari and Dragon Data (what is meant by Sodi?), the game Defence Force (Cybotroid) and The Ultra (Ultra Violent 1). This really keeps the interest level up - you have just got to know what is on the next screen!
SYMOON16:10 03-October-2002
Certainly one pf the best shoot-them-up from the 80's for Oric ! This is the sequel to "The Ultra" (among the 101 levels, you'll find a remix of the 16 levels a The Ultra). Great game indeed !
JEDE00:08 22-August-2002
I had never played to Hellion but i can see that it's really great graphics !

Rob Cook4434

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