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TYPE : Reflexion
RELEASE DATE : December 2013
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
NOTES : The Return of Viking Chess (Hnefatafl)

Loading Instructions:
Insert tape and CLOAD""

In this version of HNEFATAFL the edge of the board is hostile only to the king. The corner squares
and an unoccupied central square are hostile to all pieces (they can be used in takes). If the king occupies the central
square it is hostile ONLY to attackers.

All pieces move like a rook/castle in Chess (horizontally/vertically - NOT diagonally).

You cannot leapfrog a piece and you can only move to an empty square.

The interface prevents you from making illegal moves.
You take an enemy piece by sandwiching it between two of your pieces as in XOX or OXO.
The king is captured if he is surrounded by attackers on all 4 sides (remember the sides of the board and empty
corner and central squares are dangerous)

There are three modes in which to play: SAGA, THOR and ODIN.
SAGA: beginner mode, you have lots more turns available and the AI is weak.
THOR: 25 turns and the AI is a little stronger
ODIN: 20 turns and a stronger AI.

If the turnlimit is reached the game will end in a stalemate. At the end of a game the trophy screen is displayed and you can win trophies in various ways.
You can play again without having to reload the game
Owners on (original) : didierv , vetal5555 , vetal5555
DIDIERV21:01 18-January-2014
The Hnefatafl-Lite version is working fine as a wav file. The 2e download file is V1.2. Stuff files are HxC version and notice of the game.
BARNSEY12314:01 16-January-2014
Hi Paul, I'm the author, I'm going to release a version without the loading screen which I think is killing it. Works OK on oricutron and a real atmos when converted to DSK. regards Neil.
PAULFICTION15:01 09-January-2014
I cant play the screen its blocked in my atmos when its finished from a wav file.

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