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A. J. Clarke
TYPE : Frogger
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Manual is on the inlay.
Nothing on inlay_b.

2 versions of this program were released.
The first version was labelled "for Oric-1", but ran fine on Atmos. First side had the fast recording, and side 2 had the slow recording.
The second version still had the inlay is labelled "Oric-1", but a yellow sticker on the tape box says "Atmos compatible" (See General Look picture (GL)). The old and the new versions were on this tape:
- side 1: Oric-1 only version [hopper_o.tap]
- side 2: Oric-1/Atmos version [hopper_a.tap]

There's a set of separate French instructions, very badly translated.

Can be used with a PASE joystick with the program Joystick Adapter 1.
Owners on oric.org (original) : waskol , waskol , maja , baykah , atmosaurus , boris01 , tempodolarfred , laswe , dave3622 , xin_insa , iscoed , daoloth , dskirvin , oxmikeinmi , blonder , HH , baz67 , musepat31 , anthonyjclarke , bigjim , napoleonblownaparte , philou , pferron , Fk , Dinky74 , KailoKyra , duden , arkright , Tuxosaurus , Jreb61 , CSerpent
IBISUM23:03 30-March-2015
Definitely one of the more playable of the Frogger clones on Oric .. even has decent music and effects, give it a polished feeling even if the animation is a little jerky .. this was a special game for me since it was the first I learned to break the copy protection with, way back in '83 .. using the !OLD command, lol ..
DAVE362219:09 17-September-2008
Of all the Frogger clones I played on Oric, this was the most playable. The graphics were a little large and the music out of tune in places, but compared to 'Jogger' it's a masterpiece
WASKOL23:01 24-January-2005
My first one, and one of my best 5 !
THESPIDER16:10 09-October-2004
The best frogger clone that I have ever played. I remember spending hours upon hours playing this game (that and centipede).
_DBUG_13:08 19-August-2003
Personaly I prefered the IJK version, Green X Toad.
LOTHLIN21:02 26-February-2003
Quite a good Frogger clone. Sound and graphics are both good. The graphics are little too large and chunky for my liking, which allows only 3 lanes of traffic and one row of turtles, but the game is very playable and control is excellent. Everything moves really fast by level 7!


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