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Philip Hulme
TYPE : Hunchback
PRICE IN UK: 6.90 Pounds
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : (note: the French version says "by Christian Urquart", which is obviously false - the program states "P.Hulme")

No transfer errors
Recorded once at fast speed on side 1, and once at fast speed on side 2.

Two versions so far:
- An early Oric-1 only UK version [hunch-o.tap].
- an Oric-1/Atmos French version with different inlays and tapes - the program itself was not translated [hunchbk.tap].

So, Oric-1/Atmos UK version is missing?

Owners on (original) : val , val , rastignac , rastignac , maja , chris , Seth , Seth , Seth , baariqa , expeliarmus , Wiggings , baykah , baykah , BigFatChris , dolomiah , retric , retric , boris01 , tempodolarfred , tempodolarfred , tempodolarfred , tempodolarfred , Blue , mwest_99 , mwest_99 , GaryReeves , Pugo , Pugo , Pugo , dave3622 , julien78 , retromania , retromania , retromania , Yvo , Yvo , alesmukler , jyautoelectrics , chrisjt , thepeachbeetle , Bugbloke , johnny1970 , jonno , daoloth , ert69 , orickuwait , oxmikeinmi , jede , napoleonblownaparte , devilhunter , Yicker , uniforix , baz67 , Danynou , musepat31 , philou , X128 , simo2017a , karlmg , kattylatty , experimental1972 , KailoKyra , tgrimwood , StillBlue , Jreb61 , Adrian1967
SYMOON23:01 26-January-2016
Download links fixed!
PKERSEY02:01 24-January-2016
Download link for .tap file is broken.
IBISUM23:03 30-March-2015
Fun and frustrating at the same time .. I can't get my 7 year old to time his jumps to get that darn rope! Still, a classic game which I enjoyed in my youth, at least ..
GREENSLIDER00:03 07-March-2013
removed it seems :(
DOLOMIAH16:12 09-December-2007
One of the few games I bought when I was a lad - loved it!
RFOUT22:01 28-January-2006
Greatly superior to the ZX Spectrum version, and overall a fine conversion of the arcade classic.
VAL19:01 06-January-2005
fun game, but i remember struggling to load it (must be due to a damaged tape...) I remember getting it at the same time as mr wimpy, which was much better IMO
JEDE00:11 04-November-2003
This game is not bad, but i always dislike this kind of game( When you have to wait for the end of the music in order to play once again, and waiting for scrolling !) Really a pain, anyway on the emulator, F4 key is present !
DUFFABOY22:04 03-April-2003
This version was again better graphically, and game play wish to the spectrum, loved playing this game, very addictive.
CAMERON21:03 27-March-2003
great game - again, like manic miner, developed by a software house with cash coming in from selling large numbers to c-64 and spectrum buyers. very playable and ocean chould have made more of htir quality game sfor the oric. after manic miner,probably the most complete oric game
LOTHLIN20:02 09-February-2003
A fairly good conversion of the famous game. Very enjoyable. Easy to play and responds quickly to the keyboard, which is important in reaction-type games like this one. Not quite as good as versions on other machines.


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