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John Marshall
TYPE : Mad game
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Although the game was ready for release by Tansoft in 1984 and the copyright of the program gives that date, it was not released. In 1993, the author gave the rights for distribution to Mirage (Oric User Monthly's software house).

NEWS: unlike what was stated, the game was apparently released indeed, but sold poorly before Tansoft closed down. So Mirage/OUM released it in 1990 for its subscribers. (source: Oric User Monthly, number 91, March 1995).

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Owners on (original) : Lothlin , Lothlin , Lothlin , Lothlin , iranon , TheGoofster , Rob Cook , KailoKyra , tgrimwood , gmolinari , gmolinari

FICTIONNET02:08 29-August-2019
So far, every TAP version I've seen of Insect Insanity includes the original Tansoft publisher info. Just wondered if anyone still has the Mirage-updated version as we definitely swapped that stuff over?
IBISUM23:03 30-March-2015
Addictive fun!
COOLMAN20:02 01-February-2014
Loved that game,spent a lot of time on it .
ROB COOK14:12 26-December-2013
Brilliant to see the original inlay, by the way - I hadn't seen that before.
ROB COOK14:12 26-December-2013
The alternative (text-based) inlay image is not the one done by Paul. There were probably less than 25 copies sent out with that inlay, because I think it was changed soon afterwards (by Dave?), possibly to the text inlay image I'm referring to.
ROB COOK14:12 26-December-2013
I just had another crack at this - scored 13,300 on level 3. An insanely difficult game :/
OMELETTE14:12 19-December-2013
Weeeeee, another high-score - 190,900 Add to that, I finally managed to 'clock' the levels - L1 -> L0 (which comes after L9) -> L0 (L0 -> L1... -> L0). This was achieved on a real Oric Atmos, not an emulator (so no cheating!)
OMELETTE12:12 15-December-2013
I've been honing my Insect Insanity skills again and managed a new high-score - 177,100
OMELETTE03:04 05-April-2010
Insect Insanity-fans out there may feel motivated to try and beat my highest-ever score - 174,650.
OMELETTE00:02 10-February-2010
Definitely my favourite Oric game. Superb!!!
ROB COOK00:05 10-May-2005
Oh yeah, there's actually another inlay for this - done by Paul Moxon, with a kinda kamikazi (spelling?) evil insect. Wonder where that is...
ROB COOK00:05 10-May-2005
Highly addictive, brilliant game. Actually written in text mode! Getting this released was probably my biggest achievement! Certainly the most satisfying even if it felt like it would never actually come off.
_DBUG_16:08 31-August-2003
Well, I discovered this game when Lothlin showed it to me. It can be addictive, but I had too much problems with controls, and looking everywhere at the same time !
LOTHLIN21:04 01-April-2003
A great arcade game. Actually this game was never released by Tansoft as they closed before it went on sale. Fortunately it survived and was later released by Mirage (Oric User Monthly's software arm). It is the follow up to another classic, Rat Splat. It is a fast paced game and seems very difficult and frustrating at first because all movement is diagonal and the fingers need some practice. But you soon get used to it and then the game becomes incredibly addictive, as you jump around the screen squashing wildlife! The little bugs always seem to sneak into your jam without you noticing - this game will drive you insane!

Rob Cook5455

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