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Christophe Andréani
TYPE : Beat em up
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : (1 and 2 players)

No manual.
The program states "25 décembre 1985".
The inlay says inside "Auteur: S.HUET". Are they talking about the inlay design ?

Orix basic11: OK

Orix basic11 Joysticks: NOK
Owners on oric.org (original) : jede , atmosaurus , asenski , alesmukler , Tuxosaurus , musepat31 , karlmg , KailoKyra , philou , localheroparis
LAURENTD7501:02 08-February-2018
I agree the gameplay is as basic as it gets, and even at the time this was a poor game compared to similar titles available on other platforms... And yet, this is probably the "best" fighting game we had on the Oric at the time (I don't thin k I remember any other, and I do remember I was actually quite fond of it, it was also one of the few games that could be played by 2 players...). At the time, the graphics looked awesome on the Oric, and the music was quite good as well... So, even though it looks quite dull and boring nowadays, it was good fun (for me at least) at the time, and I don't think I even noticed or complained about the lack of moves or anything else, except maybe that while the animations were smooth and detailed, the fight was slow and the game lacked responsiveness... Still, for me it's well above average by Oric's game standards...
ATLANTIS19:03 10-March-2013
Une daube sur mon bel Oric..Dommage.. Ce qui m'embte le plus c'est que c'est Ere Informatique qui a pondu a !! (En crant un label Gasoline Software pour publiant cette shit...)
VAG22:05 26-May-2012
Nice graphics though the hits on the opponent mask a large part of the sprite making them look very clumsy. It gets boring after a couple of minutes.
WAROX21:09 09-September-2010
Great graphics but ... poor gameplay. Dommage !
STAR4222:09 08-September-2010
Un des rares jeux de combats et russi... arriver un peu tard..
ROB COOK00:05 10-May-2005
Graphics pretty good but very limited gameplay lets it all down. A wasted opportunity.
SYMOON11:10 25-October-2003
Nice graphics, but... Where's the fun in the fight ? I don't know but something's wrong about this - this problem seems to be common to many Oric fight games, probably very hard to make. Maybe because the nimation is not smooth enough: you can't see what the other player is doing so you can't react. In the end, the fight is pure random.
LOTHLIN19:08 30-August-2003
Good graphics and tune. Only a few moves, but nicely drawn and the characters are reasonably responsive. Very satisfying to floor your opponent!
_DBUG_15:08 19-August-2003
Well, that game has very nice graphics, and cool tune, but the fight itself is too soft, it does not looks like your are fighting...

Rob Cook5433

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