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Bruno Dassas
TYPE : Platform game
CATEGORY : Platform
SECOND CATEGORY : Type ins Game (Magazine)
ORIGIN : err 
Owners on (original) : Paul1 , neorod , ellis
IBISUM18:05 05-May-2020
This is a delightful game and a great example of what you can do in BASIC. Fun with good playability and level design. Ripe for mods, too, I think..
ELLIS12:04 10-April-2014
Just discovered this website today, I'm the author of this game. I'm amazed that JEDE noticed it has the same "engine" as Oric Kong I also wrote, and published in TILT magazine !
JEDE19:04 10-April-2003
It's really interesting, because it's the same graphics than oric kong (Tilt type ins). I suppose it's the same engine, but there is differents levels. Funny

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