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Jean-Pierre Ferrand
TYPE : Beat em up
SECOND CATEGORY : Unsorted/junk
ORIGIN : err 
LAURENTD7516:05 07-May-2018
PS - there must be some ASM routines in the game though (first hint: HIMEM #5FFE) as there are some CALLs in the programme to adresses in the range of #8700-#87F0 (so we're talking of small routines here!!) and there is some data POKEd in page 4 as well.
LAURENTD7515:05 07-May-2018
OK... Tried it... Graphics are OK, the sound effects and music are really good, unfortunately the animation is very slow (the game is programmed in BASIC...) and the playability is really low, as the keypresses are not detected as they occur so you don't control much... It's a shame, the game could have been quite good for the time..
LAURENTD7515:05 07-May-2018
Ah, I actually found the TAP file in the Oric Gamebase v3.0...
LAURENTD7515:05 07-May-2018
Looks quite nice... Does anybody have the game??? Where do the screenshots come from???


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