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Geoff M Phillips
TYPE : Language tutor
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
Owners on (original) : Lothlin , Lothlin , dave3622 , baz67 , musepat31
DAVE362223:06 13-June-2008
Oops, ignore last comment, it was the Spanish version I meant
DAVE362222:06 13-June-2008
Wow, this brings back memories. I remember this being reviewed in 'Your Computer' magazine. The software must work, since I remember to this day a quote they listed - "The French for Monkey is MONO - Imagine a Monkey wearing a Monocle" - I can't beleive I still remember that!
LOTHLIN10:03 07-March-2004
This is quiet an interesting way of quickly learning some basic French. Look at the screenshots and try the program and it may seem a bit silly, but it is an approach that does seem to work for many - the fact that it can be amusing is actually a great help and aide memoire. I used it before going to a CEO meeting in Paris, but no wasps came in through the wall (it was winter!) and no mice were exposed to Chanel No. 5 :-)

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