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TYPE : Utility
RELEASE DATE : August 2017
SECOND CATEGORY : Unsorted/junk
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Load Vader is a small utility designed to help loading tapes. It works on ROM 1.1 only.
It will display the parity errors from the audio signal, live while the program is loading. The source of the audio signal can be a tape or a WAV file, MP3...
The program will show the memory location of the faulty byte, and its (faulty?) value, for instance: |08C5-A3|
It will also display all the information to save the program once loaded (start/end addresses, name, ...)

Three TAP files are available:
[LoadVaderIntro.tap]: detailed instructions
[Load_Vader_0400.tap]: Load Vader program, located in memory in #400
[Load_Vader_BA00.tap]: Load Vader program, located in memory in #BA00 (Hires screen)

Use the #400 or #BA00 program according to the program you want to CLOAD, so it doesn't crush Load Vader. Oricians using a floppy disk drive should avoid the #400 version, too, or disconnect their floppy drive.

You can use Load Vader:
- to check the health of your tapes
- to test the quality of your audio settings before loading tapes
- to locate WHEN a error occurs while the tape is playing
- to locate where in memory the error has occured
- to save the program if it was loaded correctly!
- to verify that a WAV file you've made from a tape is correct or faulty

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