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John Sandham
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : (inlay by Chris Clover and Nick Clarke)

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The maunal is on the inlay.

Seems the program can be used with the PASE joystick interface.
Owners on oric.org (original) : rockinJammy , dave3622 , monojohnny , mgoreiro , baz67 , musepat31 , Yicker , tgrimwood , Juju , Muso , lchile
Youtube :
BISH13:07 14-July-2009
I was at school with John Sandham when he wrote this game. He was very good at maths and had researched 3d calculations. This was the first game that made use of this knowledge. I think he also wrote a game called Chaos Chasm (listed on here). I remember that we couldn't afford BBC micros at school at that time. The Oric's had the same processor and hence assembly code.
THESPIDER07:10 02-October-2005
Only just discovered this game today. The 3D effect is pretty cool to look at, but I found the game extremely difficult to play. Awkward keys do not help either, and add to that the fact that I am not much of a gamer anyway. Loki did show me that it would be possible to create a game like Deathchase (play it on the Spectrum and love it) on the Oric. Least in Deathchase you don't have up and down as well as left, right & forward.
TWILIGHTE11:10 01-October-2005
This was another one of my all time favourites from the eighties. The Title screen was one of the coolest around. The game was cool too. Can't remember much about the sound.
ROB COOK00:05 10-May-2005
Yeah, it's not bad. Nice graphics and a good feel to it. Kinda goes around in circles after a while tho...
LOTHLIN17:09 07-September-2003
Some people really like this game, but I did not find it so interesting to play. The levels are too similar. From a programming point of view, I think the 3D effect is quite good, but it doesn't work quite well enough to make this a great game.
_DBUG_00:11 26-November-2002
That game is not that interesting, but it contains nice attempts at doing 3D effects.

Rob Cook3233

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