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Adrian Sheppard
TYPE : Scramble
PRICE IN UK: 8.50 Pounds
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
Owners on oric.org (original) : nobby , satch_25 , peter1981 , nicoverschu , alesmukler , dave3622 , devilhunter , HH , baz67 , philou , Rob Cook , HB98 , Norwich Retro , imogen , Smarty
ORICORAC13:08 18-August-2023
I still can't work out what the "Up" control is.
ROB COOK02:08 29-August-2019
My 'High quality 'Scamble' clone.' comment from 2005 does NOT do this fantastic game justice. Definitely, in my opinion (which is always correct), Lone Raider on the Oric is/was/always will be the best, most interesting, varying game of Scramble you'll ever play on any system. Take that to the bank.
OLD-COMPUTERS22:11 16-November-2010
This one sure looks like a good game, but... what are the controls ?!
WASKOL23:02 12-February-2009
excellent game !
ROB COOK00:05 10-May-2005
High quality 'Scamble' clone.
TORPOR18:09 20-September-2004
oh man, this is one of those games i only got for my oric at the very end of its utility to me, in the 'discovered unix systems and movin on..' phase of my teenage life. i played it maybe 3 times before i wistfully tucked the oric and its little tapedeck/printer cubbyhole into the attic at my folks house.. i love scramble though, my number two favourite video game (first is crazyclimber, duh!) of all time, so having it on the oric really struck a chord. y'know, its like these games 'finally got good' just a little too late. we got sprites. we got colormaps (sorta), we got adventurous programmer types. it wasn't all just "sea harrier", y'know .. *sigh*

Rob Cook4455

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