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SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
NOTES : French version

parity error at offset $4e
parity error at offset $1366
parity error at offset $1367
parity error at offset $1369
(probably just bytes from the synchro header)

Game fully tested (finished all the levels !) The final screen seems a little bugged, but in my opinion, this is a side effect of the poor translation (hex editing the file shows a normal text, the display is bugged).

I left a WAV version [loneraid_wav.zip] just in case you want to load the game and listen to the music.

Strange translation by Infogrames... New inlay, French text in the game... But the "congratulations" in the end has been replaced by something like "Well done, stupid guy". As well, the Hall Of Fame has pretty stupid names in it. This sounds like if the program has been translated by some kid or "funny" hacker, but it's from the original indeed ! (Credit for translation: "GMP")

Another funny thing: the "Oric-1" from the inlay was manually deleted with white paint, apparently on all the inlays !

(Downloads Since 13/03/2003 : 71 )
Owners on oric.org (original) : PatTheFrog , dave3622 , oricas , jede , musepat31 , tornadou , philou , KailoKyra
WASKOL23:02 12-February-2009
A must have...
ROB COOK00:05 10-May-2005
Simply a French version of the Severn Software release.

Rob Cook4344

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