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Patrice Guerlais
TYPE : Graphics utility
RELEASE DATE : September 1984
PLATFORM :      
SECOND CATEGORY : Utility (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Inlay scanned at 200 dpi only due to memory limitations on computer !
Nothing on inlay_b.

Strange protection, it seems the loading routines have been re-written.

It seems the original name of Lorigraph was "Graphix". This name can be seen on some Loriciels loading screens ads. You can see a Gallic fighter on the inlay, and the name ending in "-ix" is typical from the French comic "Asterix le gaulois".

The disk version was developped by Damien Ponnelle for Oric Internationnal (see the disk file and the 3 last screenshots).

English disk version by JonH
English User Guide in Stuff below.

Owners on oric.org (original) : Doudou , dieulevrai , musepat31 , philou , KailoKyra , laurentd75 , Muso
LAURENTD7502:09 25-September-2020
PS - the author also deserves a special award for the manual, probably the most comprehensive and detailed manual (30 pages, with screenshots!) for an Oric software at the time! Even the cover picture for the box was great, loved this idea of an Asterix-like character carving a computer out of stone ! :-) Mind you, the original "Graphix" name was better than "Lorigraph" that was chosen for an obvious marketing purpose, but hey, "Lorigraphix" might have sounded better than "Lorigraph" then!
LAURENTD7502:09 25-September-2020
The first graphics programme I ever used in my life, and the only one I bought for the Oric I think. It was so advanced for the time!! Contrary to other people, I didn't (and still don't) have any complaints with this software, the functions were clearly understandable and worked great. The only limitations were those of the Oric itself in terms of attributes, and that really was annoying but nothing to do with the program itself! Anyway, it is so nice to discover that the author of this great piece of software added a note back in 2010, I'm just seeing it! So thank you very much Patrice for your masterpiece, you really made a great contribution to the Oric world at the time, and to me Lorigraph will always be very special as my first paint program!!
STAR4200:09 30-September-2010
je suis d'accord avec vous tous un excellent logiciel..
STAR4200:09 30-September-2010
je suis d'accord avec vous tous un excellent logiciel..
SYMOON22:03 08-March-2010
Hey Patrice, Good to see you around ! Could you contact me trhu the CEO page (http://ceo/oric.org) so we can get in touch by email - that's if you would be OK for a small interview for the CEO Mag ^_^. Thanks !
PG09:03 03-March-2010
Hi all, Patrice Guerlais writing ;-) It's not a joke, I'm still alive even if I've left that tools/games world for a system engineer job. Do not hesitate to ask questions, I'll try to answer as much as I can. Some answers to the remarks sent to the forum : - regarding the remark from the introduction and concerning the rewriting of the load and save routines, that's right, I partially rewrote them in order to implement a small protection. The loading of the splash screen was done using the standard routines, then control was transfered to a small bunch of instructions hidden _in the splash screen_ itself (if you know somewhat the address scheme of the Oric, there were some unused bytes in the memory between the upper graphic part and the lower character part, something like 64 bytes). The bet was that crackers (yes, they already existed in those good old times ;-)) will copy the program and not the splash screen to accelerate the loading. If I well remember (I'm not sure, it's quite old now), the recording of the program was slightly desynchronized and only my own loading routine was able to read it. - price : it was fixed by the editor, Loriciels. I spent 8 or 10 (I don't remember) months to write this tool, it was a large project by then. - I spent nearly 4 months (not at full time ;-)) to write the fill routine, which was especially tuned to be very fast and compact. Something like 700 bytes of code+stack. - arrow cursor : what other interface would you have liked to get ? it was a way to let the user go one with the same controls, either keys or joystick, and not have to switch between multiple ways of input. Of course it was slower, but the choice was to be coherent. - no magnifier : I don't remember, probably a missing idea :-) - no undo : not enough memory to store a stack for undo, that's all. Remember, the Oric 1 had 64KB, but the first KB was reserved due to the 6502 architecture (IO ports, IRQ table and things like that), the upper 16 KB were overlayed by the ROM, the code was 13KB (as long as I remember), and I needed some space for internal uses.
SQUALL14:05 27-May-2008
Whatever you say, Lorigraph is one of the best graphic editors. P.S. Too bad that my graphic program will never be seen from the world, otherwise it will be the best for Oric
MALBACK16:07 15-July-2005
I remember that when my father brought me this software and my mother saw the price, I thought that it was my father's last minutes.
DAMIEN17:07 22-July-2004
The version of Lorigraph shown in the snapshot works with diskette and not with tape as in the original version. This major evolution was not developed by Patrice Guerlais but by me (Damien Ponnelle, developer of Stratools [freeware] and co-developer of Stratmon) in 1987 or 1988, I do not remember with precision. For the anecdote, the graphic modification of the menu (I/O icons) was carried out with Lorigraph itself! Last version was officially distributed by Oric International after having bought the rights from Loriciel. For information, I did not gain anything in this business!
TWILIGHTE13:06 13-June-2004
Everytime i see a mention of Lorigraph, i am stunned. It is quite incredible that the coders managed to cram so much into this utility. Obviously by todays standards it is old-hat but on the Oric, it is simply amazing, especially the way that large images can be manipulated around the screen, and that fill routine is about the fastest i have ever seen
MUSO23:11 30-November-2003
I think this is one of the best graphics tools for the Oric. It is instantly useable due to the graphic interface whereas other programs leave you reaching for the manual. It may be a bit slower to use but you can use it !!! The only compaint I have is that it always saves the character set which usually isn't necessary and the SAVE/ LOAD command requires filenames to be in "quotes". This can be very frustrating and I seem to remember losing screens. Only works on Sedoric V1 and V3.
_DBUG_11:08 19-August-2003
It's not a bad program at all, and actually the interface is quite impressive compared to usual Oric painting programs. Unfortunately I don't like at all the arrow cursor thing, the selection of tools is very slow, and the file format is not standard making it difficult to use in your own productions... Also there is no magnifier.
TWILIGHTE22:10 02-October-2002
Lorigraph is an amazing utility, marred only by the awkward controls and no undo function. It has an amazing number of really rather sophisticated features. Even by todays standards, the program is fast for the machine it is running on. Admittedly, moving the whole screen over to the right by a number of pixels will slow the system down, but to be able to do that is just incredible.


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