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Steven Green
TYPE : Platform
PLATFORM :      
CATEGORY : Platform
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err err 
NOTES : Adapted on Telestrat and translated into French (in 1987 by Damien "Dipi" PONNELLE) and distributed by Oric International which had acquired the rights. Back-translated into English (in 2024, again by Damien "Dipi" PONNELLE).
Owners on (original) : Lothlin , Lothlin , Lothlin , Lothlin , awayo , HH , HH , mephisto66 , mephisto66 , molimik , Yicker , tramlink , chris , rfout , DrewPee , BigFatChris , pengwin , atmosaurus , retric , Dasse , sonic mule , iop83fr , andy , dirk , thejase , gildenman , gordymc71 , memsom , retromania , adichris , stunik101 , knobby , fatboy , fatboy , willnic74 , simo , willem98 , conchubhar , ukretrogamer , zou , thepeachbeetle , alesmukler , monojohnny , donioni , Factor6 , Ramme , rondc , Maxhall , grjones123 , jaffa , Tuxosaurus , olivierdenantes , jede , devilhunter , oxmikeinmi , uniforix , oricoriginal , baz67 , elarquet , pimouss , acf76es , xyphoes , tornadou , amjoric , philou , adichris1967 , GreenSlider , Shearog , adey , tgrimwood , tim99uk , cbruno , eusebioas , axeman , axeman , Geoson , Juju , arkright , Dgas660 , Bob69 , Bobwest , JihemB , Diyoric , LordWagga , Stratmos , Cooperlegend , lchile
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DAMIEN23:11 02-November-2022
I have just added a disc file for the Telestrat version which I adapted and translated about 35 years ago, taking far too many liberties (apologies to Matthew Smith and Steven Green respectively the creator of the original Spectrum game and the one who adapted it on Oric1/Atmos, who were no longer credited) and which contained a horrible French mistake.
DAMIEN16:03 01-March-2020
Adapted by me for Telestrat, with removal of code protection at launch. I provided this new version to Oric International (during my summer job with them in 1987) who had acquired the rights but not the sources. Note that this version was then distributed by the CEO in his floppy disk of September 1992
LAURENTD7502:10 14-October-2015
One of the BEST Oric games, and BY FAR the BEST adaptation of this game on ANY 8-bit platform!!! It surclasses by a good league not only the Spectrum original version, but also the Amstrad and C64 conversions (which suffer both from horrible sounds and ugly graphics that are outrageously unworthy of these platforms). By contrast, the Oric version has PERFECTLY arranged, 3-voice music tunes with very good in-game sound effects, and while the graphics inevitably suffer from attribute clash they are as colourful and detailed as can be and are extremely well crafted. Adding to the game quality are excellent controls and smooth animation, which results in good playability although you often need 'pixel-perfect' and accurately timed movements to get by, which makes the game quite hard... To me, this is the ONLY negative point you can credit this game with, and yet, even with this the game retains good playability (I myself almost finished the game even though I do not consider myself as a particularly skilled player...). Really a MASTERPIECE on the Oric, and definitely in my personal top five!
GREENSLIDER21:03 01-March-2013
I've got the emulator do i play this game on the emulator?
GREENSLIDER21:03 01-March-2013
I've got the emulator do i play this game on the emulator?
DASSE17:05 06-May-2007
wonderful game! as an collector of MM games.. this version is really cool!
THESPIDER12:11 04-November-2003
Fantastic to see such a famous game from other platform recreated here on the Oric. Just goes to show that the Oric could do gameplay just as well as any of its competition. As far as the game goes, I always get stuck on the first few levels since I am not that much of a game player, but it flows very well. Yes, there is a bit of a colour clash but nothing that upsets the gameplay.
SYMOON11:10 25-October-2003
Excellent game - especially compared to Damsell In Distress, Manic Miner allows you a few "mistakes", which is pleasant for a platform game. Technically very impressive - smooth animation, nice music... But the problem is that it's very hard to go further than 7th or 8th screen. A "continue" or something helpful would have been welcome - but maybe experts players will say I'm asking too much.
CAMERON21:03 27-March-2003
the best game ever engineered for the oric by a long way. the game was developed byu software houses with big budgets fuelled by high sales on the spectrum and c-64. the music - graphics - and above all - playability were all good. you can play the game online at java spectrum or whatever. Thirty two screens was a revelation for the oric - ok trouble in store also had 32 written by orics greatest pioneer - geoff phillips(zodiac intro tape - flight oric munch) - have you all found his website? really interesting. sorry - rambling on there - but trouble in store used memory for crap speech and manic had 32 tuly oringinal screens - the game was all about routines and not making mistakes apart from that bastard skylab screen where the things dropped randomly - unfortunatley you could have a perfect routine but if one dropped at the wrong monet it could wipe out 16 screens worth and half an hours work.
LOTHLIN20:02 04-February-2003
Very good platform game, which became famous on the ZX Spectrum of course. One of the last games to be commercially released on the Oric in the UK. Plays well, has detailed graphics (though with some colour clash) and excellent sound and tunes. There are an extra 12 screens compared to the original Spectrum version.
_DBUG_22:11 23-November-2002
First, that game has a lot of nice musics, numerous levels, and basicaly is very well made. Personaly I do not really like platform games, because it generaly require pixel perfect jumps and landings. That's the case here. But a good game anyway.

Rob Cook5555

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