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Bertrand Brocard/Dominique Pessan
TYPE : Game
RELEASE DATE : December 2002
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Adventure game (Originally from Bertrand Brocard)

pour pouvoir jouer à Meurtres en série, vous devez obligatoirement télécharger:

MES2.ZIP (contient ce lisez_moi, le jeu et la notice)

Ces quatre fichiers sont indispensables pour progresser dans l'enquête.

Dans le jeu, les indices sont représentés par une étoile suivie d'un numéro (*21). Au fur et à mesure que vous découvrez ces indices vous devrez les télécharger sur le site de jede.

Si vous téléchargez les indices, avant de les avoir découverts dans le jeu, vous trichez:-)

Bonne enquête !

Owners on (original) : Pito , Pito
IURIUS05:11 10-November-2019
The third and definitely the best game in 'Murtres' series! It could appear very difficult at first sight, due to strict time limits on every action - but in fact it is not hard because of the non-linearity. You can not and should not do everything in one play-through: the purpose is to reveal the secrets by following different paths each time you start the game, until you gather all the testimonies and the clues to both solve the murders and find the treasure. The Oric port is not as good as in 'Murders on the Atlantic', but it is still nice and playable.
LAURENTD7501:07 11-July-2017
Storyline looks excellent, the manual is enticing, but as soon as I tried the game I hated the handling of the map... You can barely see the cursor, and it's reallya hassle to get pixel-precise to get to the roads or points of interest... It very soon becomes tedious and puts you off the game. It's a pity because although a bit blocky the graphics are quite good, and again the storyline and enquiry system looks good... But I don't think I won't pursue the story very far... Ah, one last thing, the music is an awful joke (about 15 notes repeating endlessly in a pattern), I was relieved to read it could be muted with the 'M' key because it got on my nerve instantly... I'm sorry this comes out so negative, because the author put A LOT of wok into this game and I'd really like to thankhim for his efforts by plaing the game, but I really can't get used to the movement system...
MAXIMUS00:11 08-November-2012
A fantastic experience of detective, very, very difficult, but with the CEO helps it become delicious. A must !
JEDE23:11 02-November-2003
Well, it's a good game graphics etc, but it's not this kind of game, i like to play with
_DBUG_13:08 19-August-2003
Graphics are a bit blocky, but they gave a distinctive style. It's nice to get such a game appear so many years after the original release date
SYMOON14:12 01-December-2002
Brilliant ! Dominique made a wonderful job by porting this game to the Oric. Graphics look really nice. The game is pretty hard and you'll need the manual. If you like playing private detective, don't miss this game !


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