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Marc Goldstein
TYPE : Card Game
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
Owners on (original) : sorrindo , phd1974 , tempodolarfred
TARANTULA17:09 10-September-2017
Only for ATMOS, i'm so sad :(
LAURENTD7501:04 08-April-2015
AWESOME adaptation of this French card-based roadtrip contest game for the Oric! The card visuals are nicely laid out and highly detailed (and as good as can possibly be on the Oric), and the game itself is very addictive to play! Another positive point is the game is quite fast (the computer AI is quite fast, so the game does not suffer from any delays). Maybe the sounds could be improved a little (although the 'shuffling cards' sound is good, the game lacks a more detailed sound atmosphere). To sum up, while this may appear at first as just a little card game, it is in fact one of the BEST games available for the Oric ! Well done and many thanks for this jewel !!
WASKOL09:06 16-June-2008
It is an excellent port of the real card game. The computer plays very well, graphics are awsome, the game is very addictive. Definetly one my preferate games. Only on Oric !
MAXIMUS23:04 24-April-2004
the computer is so strong , i found the file hidden "mb" with the tap extension
SYMOON17:06 09-June-2003
This is an excellent little game ! One player against the computer. For those who don't know Mille Bornes, it's a card game simulating a car travel, you need to do exactly 1000km. An english notice was published in the CEO-Mag. The very expert players will find a few limitations compared to the rules of the card game, but this program is excellent to have fun and discover the Mille Bornes.


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