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Hervé Tordjman
TYPE : Utility
RELEASE DATE : August 1983
SECOND CATEGORY : Utility (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : No transfer error.
As usual, Loriciels released an Oric-1 version, and an Atmos-compatible version later.

*** Early Oric-1 only version ***
Recorded once at slow speed on side 1, once at fast speed on side 2.
Both versions are not strictly identical, so both are available below.

*** Later version running on both machines ***
Recorded once at fast speed on each side.
Detects the ROM and displays "1.0" or "1.1" accordingly.

*** Debugged version ***
The program author, Hervé Tordjman, published bugs correction in Théoric magazine, issue 5, pages 38-39.
This correction also held a bug, which was corrected in Théoric issue 10, page 38.
You can directly load the "corrected-correction" from the file [bugmon.tap]. Then call it at #76BA address.

*** Manual ***
Apparently the manual was given as a A4 page, which was printed in order to be cut in two pages, then making a small 8-pages manual. As a result many of the pages were folded and with time ink disappeared.
!!! That's why you will find multiple scans for the manual, one even being the original uncut page !!!

The wonderful Word manual has been made by Dominique Pessan (see stuffs).

*** Thanks ***
Thanks to Philippe Rischebé and Laurent Lathière for the Oric-1 tape and scans,
and to Jean Boileau and JP Gaudillere for the 1.1 version.
Owners on (original) : 6502man , dijijardin , Fritz , philou , Juju

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