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Jonathan Bristow
TYPE : Music Util
SECOND CATEGORY : Utility (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : (Thanks to Steve M. for the scan of the instructions)
Owners on (original) : Muso
IBISUM19:08 02-August-2017
The instructions are excellent, and this is a very powerful program .. Oric fans should not overlook that this software release also contains a couple of very nice utilities, RELOC and COMPAC, as well as code snippets and some nice machine-code to demo how play tunes in other Programs .. for those of us who are re-visiting Oric for the pleasure of its software, to have a couple UTILS like this in the mix is just brilliant.
MUSO17:07 08-July-2017
I have scanned all the OUM/ Mirage instruction sheets/ manuals so hopefully they will be uploaded soon.
JEDE10:07 08-July-2017
If someone knows how it works :( Or if someone has manual.

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