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TYPE : Demo
RELEASE DATE : July 2011
NOTES : ========================================
An annoying Oric intro
for Solskogen 2011
Release date: July 2011
___ __
/ ___ / _| ___ _ __ ___ ___
/ / / _ |_ / _ '_ / __/ _
/ /_// __/ _| __/ | | | (__ __/
/___,' ___|_| ___|_| |_|______|
/ ____ _ __ ___ ___
/ _/ _ | '__/ __/ _
/ / | (_) | | | (__ __/
/ ___/|_| ______|

About this intro:
The Wednesday before Solskogen start I
was still wondering about what to present
at the party.

You see, I have this stupid rule, which
is that I don't go to a party if I don't
have anything to present. Even something
small like a graphic, ascii art, or even
just a photo.

Then one of my contacts on facebook (yeah
I know), posted a link to the Nyan Cat
annoying thing, with the following message:

"If you program this on a ZX Spectrum you
wins my most sincere and deep appreciation !"

That was all the motivation I needed, not
that I wanted to do some Spectrum coding,
but well, technology wise an Oric is the
closest thing I can think of.

So here we are, it's Thirsday evening, and
I managed to "package" (for a lack of
better description) a bunch of things
together that more or less look like the

Except that there is no cat, the animation
is not in the same direction, there is
text scroller, and a teletype display, and
some dots flying around instead of the
animated explosions thingies.

Half of it is in C, there are plenty of
glitches, but hell, when the time is up,
the time is up :)

As usual the source code will be available
on the subversion repository (after the
- http://miniserve.defence-force.org/svn

The gory details:
The scroller and the teletype code are
directly extracted from the Assembly 2002
invitation intro, and to my total surprise
it actually worked out of the box without
any kind of tweaks.

The sample replay code was written in
2004 for the LCP intro "Buggy Boy" but
ditched in favor of a soundchip music
because it sounded terrible (could not
recognize the music at all). I found out
the bug (a stupid bit that should have
been 1 instead of 0) and tada!!! I now
have horrible (but recognizable) music.
If you wonder, it's 4bit, 4khz. Yeah, I
know, you already figured out that much!

The rest, I have to admit that it's
actually new code. Not that I'm terribly
proud of it, but at least it's not only
recycled crap.

To contact us:

- http://www.defence-force.org

Official game Forum:
- http://forum.defence-force.org/viewtopic.php?t=401

- #oric on IRCnet
Youtube :

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