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TYPE : Platform
CATEGORY : Platform
SECOND CATEGORY : Type ins Game (Magazine)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : No author mentioned in this listing. It come from the french magazine Tilt #11.
SEE ALSO : Dinky Kong
Owners on oric.org (original) : tibidui , xin_insa , jede , ellis
WAROX21:08 13-August-2018
The best donkey kong for the Oric ... when a simple type-in program is much, much better than a commercial game (Dinky Kong).
ELLIS12:04 10-April-2014
I'm the author of this game and am very happy to find it here today ! (and to discover that some people really played it one day !)
MAXIMUS11:09 10-September-2007
hey what about this version in C ? excellent typein software
JEDE16:08 03-August-2002
Hey, i did not typed it, i have it on a tape ! anyway 18 years after i am recoding it (Actually) in C for the ORIC, to have it running faster ! If you want to cheat for this game : Type to go to level 2 92 GOTO 3000 Type to go to level 3 92 GOTO 5000 Type to go to level 4 92 GOTO 11000
MERVINELUS09:08 03-August-2002
Wow! I though I was the only crazy guy who tried to type in this HUGE BASIC program at that time. I still have the original TILT magazine... Yes , it is a bit slow, but this was so great to play the 4 same levels as in the arcade game ! And by typing it, you were kind of bringing life to this program yourself on your so beloved computer ! Memories...
JEDE00:07 31-July-2002
The game i played a lot sundays afternoon when i was young, i love this game, even it's crap, slow ... !


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