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Bruno Dassas
TYPE : Platform
PLATFORM :      
CATEGORY : Platform
SECOND CATEGORY : Type ins Game (Magazine)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Tilt n°11, avril 1984
Oric Kong, anonyme, pour Oric-1/Atmos (pages 49 à 51, fichier ORICKONG.DSK de André C.) Votre fiancée a été enlevée par le gorille Kong. Traqué, l'animal s'est réfugié au sommet d'un building. A vous de la récupérer en évitant les projectiles lancés par Kong. Vous vous déplacez à l'aide des touches L = droite, K = gauche, A = haut, Z = bas (pour KONGORG.COM)
ou à l'aide des flèche (KONG.COM) et pour sauter, servez-vous de la barre d'espace.
Listing dans Stuff

C language version (faster) by Vrozos in Stuff section. Keys are Q, A, O, P, I. See
C source available at:

Here's what Ellis, author of the magasine version, says on Defence Force:
"I wrote it during my summer holidays when I was something like 17 (I'm... 48 now), because I was a huge fan of the Arcade Game Donkey Kong/Crazy Kong and dreamed to play it on my Oric.

There was an Arcade place near my house and I spent hours taking notes in front of the original games (there was no digital camera at this time :D ), I even recorded the sound effects with a portable tape recorder :lol:

TILT and other magazines (like Hebdogiciel) occasionally asked me for games (I also wrote the game "Les petits pois mexicains" for the Casio PB700 in the same TILT issue).

But the guy I worked with for TILT was a freelance writer, and I discovered later he sold my games under his name.
As my father was a lawyer, he contacted TILT and we reached an agreement where they published on a later issue that this game was written by me.

I also wrote later the game "La cité interdite", using some of the same "code" and sprites as in ORIC KONG

One day, while working on Oric Kong, my tape recorder had a problem and I was unable to save the version I had spent the day working on. I managed to connect my Oric to a VCR we had in the house, and saved the listing on the audio part of the videotape !
SEE ALSO : Dinky Kong
Oric Kong 2019
Owners on oric.org (original) : tibidui , xin_insa , jede , ellis
WAROX21:08 13-August-2018
The best donkey kong for the Oric ... when a simple type-in program is much, much better than a commercial game (Dinky Kong).
ELLIS12:04 10-April-2014
I'm the author of this game and am very happy to find it here today ! (and to discover that some people really played it one day !)
MAXIMUS11:09 10-September-2007
hey what about this version in C ? excellent typein software
JEDE16:08 03-August-2002
Hey, i did not typed it, i have it on a tape ! anyway 18 years after i am recoding it (Actually) in C for the ORIC, to have it running faster ! If you want to cheat for this game : Type to go to level 2 92 GOTO 3000 Type to go to level 3 92 GOTO 5000 Type to go to level 4 92 GOTO 11000
MERVINELUS09:08 03-August-2002
Wow! I though I was the only crazy guy who tried to type in this HUGE BASIC program at that time. I still have the original TILT magazine... Yes , it is a bit slow, but this was so great to play the 4 same levels as in the arcade game ! And by typing it, you were kind of bringing life to this program yourself on your so beloved computer ! Memories...
JEDE00:07 31-July-2002
The game i played a lot sundays afternoon when i was young, i love this game, even it's crap, slow ... !


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