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SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Full list (PDF) in Stuff
Owners on (original) : oricguy , ibisum , greatflash , tester , ShellShock
MARTIANMR00:04 22-April-2018
@SHELLSHOCK - I remember CRUSHER very fondly and spent ages tracking down the type-in code - from what I recall there was no credit. See, thank you for an absolute gem of a type-in!
DAVE362219:10 14-October-2013
Drumulator will be included in the next release of my Gamebase which I hope to have ready early next year.
MUSO22:10 12-October-2013
This is the first disk of two which contain most of the PD software that Jon Haworth supplied. Some were from computer mags and some written by OUM or CEO members. I don't think I have sent out the second disk as it has some missing. 78-81, I think. 80 is Drumulator which I have just found the listing for.
SHELLSHOCK10:10 08-October-2013
Hello, I wrote CRUSHER and I am amazed and please to see it included here. I can't remember what magazine the listing was published in, but I have a feeling it was NOT one of the dedicated Oric mags.
IBISUM22:04 15-April-2012
I sure wish we could find 51 - 93 somewhere out there, I'm dying to have some DRUMULATOR love again .. was one of my favourite things to do on the Oric-1 back in the day ..
THESPIDER22:10 08-October-2004
A good collection indeed - I especially loved the 'Business' game. For completeness, here is a copy of the text file that is meant to go with this disk... (and of the 2nd) From Steve Marshall - on comp.sys.oric - 21st August 2004 NB. This is a copy. Obviously the software isnt' being offered for sale now !!! ORIC PUBLIC DOMAIN SOFTWARE The library is culled from various sources, some anonymous but included in good faith. If you recognise a program of yours and wish it to be removed, or if you wish your work to be credited and available to other users, please write to me. The charge for copying is 5 pence per K. to a maximum of 50p for one program. You may supply your own cassette or disc, or enclose the price of a disc/cassette in addition to the copying charge - £2.50 for 3" disc, £1.50 for 31/2" or 5 1/4" disc. 50p for a cassette. Please add 50p post & packing. We now have programs to cater for most tastes, but the library's continued existence depends upon your support. Please donate programs of your own for the benefit of all. CPD-1 SUPERTRON 2k TRON on the status line CPD-2 CRUSHER 5k Well-presented arcade game *CPD-3 DATAPLUS 2k Aid to entering lines full of data CPD-4 SUPERWIN 6k Command windows with demo WP *CPD-5 PINBALL 7k A pinball machine for 35p ! CPD-6 DISCREVS 1k Read the r.p.m. of your drives CPD-7 PRBUFFER 1k Software printer buffer CPD-8 MONOPOLI 33k Trading board game for up to 5 players CPD-9 DESIGN 2k On-screen character set designer *CPD-10 TAPDIR 2k CATs a tape with full file information CPD-11 FISHER SAM 4k Youngsters' fishing game *CPD-12 CHUCKY EGG 23k Good educational program for the young *CPD-13 TWISTER 9k Pontoon for up to 3 against the bank *CPD-14 ORIC ORGAN 3k Keyboard synthesiser CPD-15 TUG OF WAR 4k An arcade for two players CPD-16 SCRABBLE 14k The board game CPD-17 MARTIANS 7k An excellent test of reflexes CPD-18 MAP 5k HIRES outline map of Southern Britain *CPD-19 GOLF 5k A basic 18 hole foray *CPD-20 S.T.D. 38k Phone code areas for SEDORIC disc users CPD-21 ELEMENTS 6k Database of the chemical elements CPD-22 W.S. L. 19k The library's very own text adventure CPD-23 LAS VEGAS 14k A 4-reel fruit machine with gamble CPD-24 OTHELLO 6k The board game - checks for false moves. CPD-25 CONNECT 4 3k The logic game. No computer check *CPD-26 MINESCAPE 6k Traverse the minefield *CPD-27 PAINTER 5k Good snake-like arcade game CPD-28 JET ATTACK 18k Above average shoot 'em up CPD-29 CASTLE 19k Our second text adventure *CPD-30 YAM 23k Excellent version of poker dice game *CPD-31 3DGRAPH 11k Stunning 3D object rotation *CPD-32 O.V.C. 8k 80 column word processor for SEDORIC *CPD-33 DESKTOP 5k Menu-driven disc manager for SEDORIC *CPD-34 LABEL 3k Print your own cassette box inserts *CPD-35 UNERASE 5k Recover an erased SEDORIC file *CPD-36 SUPERLIST 2k List programs with offset lops. etc. CPD-37 SCREENDUMP 1k Fast HIRES dump for Oric printer CPD-38 CANNON 8k An accurate ballistics program *CPD-39 SCRIVENER 13k Full feature 40/60 col WP- outstanding CPD-40 HYPERBALL 11k The meanest bat and ball game - fast! *CPD-41 BUSINESS 12k Run your own computer company *CPD-42 CONVERTER 2k Matric/imperial and many more *CPD-43 SOFTINDEX 10k A top-class fie program - DISC ONLY *CPD-44 TAROT 32k Make your own card readings *CPD-45 HIND 18k Play the role of Drake in the 16th c. *CPD-46 PATIENCE 6k The card game CPD-47 BIO-EPS 6k Biorhythms with Epson printout CPD-48 BIO-OKI 6k Biorhythms with Okimate printout CPD-49 CLIPPER 3k Remove/insert spaces, edit REMs CPD-50 RUNES 5k Translate English into Hobbit runes ! ************************************************************* CPD-51 ASTRONOMER 75k ON DISC ONLY. predict celestial events CPD-52 OMNICAL 2k Print out a calendar for any month ever *CPD-53 SPENDS 7k Calculate foreign holiday expenses *CPD-54 MAXIT 5k An intriguing numbers game for 1 or 2 *CPD-55 NET 80 10k Analyse freq response of analog circuit CPD-56 MASTERMIND 5k The peg-in-board game for 1 CPD-57 RESISTOR 4k Match their colour codes and values *CPD-58 EVE 6k Our own disassembler, memory/hex dump *CPD-59 DATAMAKER 2k Create Basic listing from a m/c program CPD-60 BOMBER QUIZ 21k WWII Bomber Command quiz *CPD-61 MORSE TUTOR 9k Learn the dots and dashes CPD-62 3 TOWERS 2k Infuriating puzzle game CPD-63 HANGMAN 17k Well-presented, make your own word files CPD-64 C.A.D. 15k Sophisticated HIRES design utility CPD-65 BARGRAPH 8k On screen bar graphs CPD-66 H.S.C. 5k Challenging 'snake' game *CFD-67 DISK SPY 6k SEDORIC/ORIC DOS disc sector editor CPD-68 TELEFILE 8k Address book with file save CPD-69 3D 0X0 7k Four-tier humorous nought & crosses CPD-70 YAHTZE 9k The dice game CPD-71 CRIBBAGE 24k Very good version of the old game *CPD-72 TIPTOE 19k Superb touch-typing tutorial CPD-73 MCP40 DEMO 6k The colour print demo from the manual CPD-74 MODFM 7k The Prestel access software *CPD-75 TAPECAT 3k Catalogues tape to printer CPD-76 GUITAR 17k Guitar chord tutor *CPD-77 CASSTOP 2k Inhibit autorun of tape programs CPD-78 FRENCH LUDO 15k Play others or the computer *CPD-79 MAGI MATRIX 3k Magic number squares for fun CPD-80 DRUMULATOR 6k Bass/snare drum machine CPD-81 POOLS 91 8k Predict next week's League results CPD-82 REDEF 3k Redefine up to 5x3 character grid CPU-83 PLANETS 8k Map/physical details of Universe CPD-84 CITY GAME 27k SEDORIC wheeler-dealer board game CPD-85 SERPENTS 14k Role-playing text adventure *CPD-86 BRAINSTORM 19k Challenging general knowledge quiz CPD-87 H-PLANS 19k Helio/geocentric planet coordinates CPD-86 PC TRANSFER 21k MS DOS file transfer for SEDORIC CPD-89 DOPPEL 12k Doppelganger Demo CPD-90 C.D.A. 7k Character design (incl. alternate set) CPD-91 MORSE 2 6k Practise your morse from CPD-61 CPD-92 SUPEREV 3k Infuriating alphabet puzzle CPD-93 PICS 75k Andre Widhani's picture files DISC ONLY PROGRAMS MARKED * ARE ATMOS ONLY ORDER FORM OVERLEAF


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